I've been faithfuly reading this motherboard for months. We're about a week away and I like to be prepared.
1. Are dinner reservations made daily, or once you're checked in, then plan for each night of your stay?
2. Glass bottom/snorkling tours, are they together, and when do they take place?
3. The Tye Dye class, should we bring our own t shirts (I'm thinking better quality=last longer)
4. Am I really limited to one dive per day? Is the boat usually full for most dives?
5. Those of you who've done the cooking class, is it very basic?
6. I see shopping tours are offered. Which one should we sign up for? Is this when I should look for coffee,
Rum, etc?

You repeaters are such a wealth of info. Not too often I can find a vacation spot and speak to experienced people that have "been there, done that a lot". Looking forward to meeting people and finally putting faces to screen names.