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    Default Restaurant Reservations at CSS

    First, my fiance and I are headed to CSS this summer for our honeymoon and I could not be more excited!

    We have been to all inclusive resorts before and have never seen reservations required for breakfast, lunch, or room service. Am I reading this right? Do you have to have a reservation for every meal?

    If I get snacky and want chips and salsa, can the staff bring that to the room without a previous reservation?

    Also, what is your favorite thing to eat at CSS?

    Thank you for all your help!

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    You only have to make reservations for dinner. The Cassanova and Palazzini are the only two.
    The beach grill is called Belle Vista at night and you don't need reservations for that one or Room
    Service. With room service you just call up between 6am and 11pm and order chips or whatever.
    There are so many good dishes at CSS, it is tuff to say which is a favorite. The tenderloin, fresh seafood and soups are always a hit. You will love CSS and the food.
    "Once you know."

    Steve & Victoria

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    Not every meal. Just your fancier dinners at night. You can eat at Bella Vista without one and that food is amazing and it's right on the beach. You can order food to your room and after everything closes down the beach grill opens up for late night snacks. I think it's opened until like 6am. So all you need to do if you want to go to a more fancy dinner is just call up to the front and put your name down. Believe me, I never had a problem getting something wonderful to eat.

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    You only need reservations for dinner at 2 of the restaurants, Cassanova and Pallazina. The Beach Grill turns into Bella Vista for dinner and reservations are not required. Breakfast at Pallazina is a walk-up approach to seating. Occasionally there is a short wait to get a table, but we have never experienced a long wait and usually travel to CSS during peak season. At lunch, you have options to walk up again at the Beach grill, Pallazina and food is also served at the Sunset Beach grill (A/N). You WILL need reservations for Cassanova, and Pallazina may not be able to accomodate you right away if you don't have a reservation. Also, if you prefer an inside or outside table, reservations are essential.
    You can also order breakfast, lunch or dinner as room service.
    Some of my favorite foods were the ceviche and desserts at Cassanova, any of the bisques, fried plantains at breakfast, the omelet station and spicy fries at the beach grill. The dinners were all fabulous and the Repeater's Dinner was off the charts, but these are the things I am looking forward to in 10 days!!

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    Hi Beachlover!

    You may order room service 24 hours a day at CSS. Chips and salsa and much much more is at your finger tips!

    The room service menu has plenty to choose from. Also, the Beach Grill is quite good. I love the french fries and onion rings!

    My favorite food to eat at CSS is the Jerk Chicken. Also, the red snapper sandwich is delish!!!!

    Wishing you a great honeymoon at CSS. You will love this resort!

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    Hi beachlover123,
    The only restaurants that require a reservation at CSS are Casanova's and Palazzina for dinner. Breakfast is served buffet style, along with the WONDERFUL Edgar making the most awesome omelets, eggs, pancakes, and waffles to order! You do not need a reservation for room service--- you just call during the scheduled hours which I think are 6:30am to 11:00pm and your food will come to your suite warm and yummy! I love the nachos as a snack before dinner---they have great guacamole that comes with the nachos! For dinner you can go to Bella Vista without a reservation and sit next to the ocean and have your meal---it's quite lovely! If you get hungry between midnight and 6am you can make the trek to the Beach Grill that is open. We usually make our reservations for the week during check in---I'm completing the check in process and DH goes over to Guest Relations and makes our reservations. You can make your reservations as soon as you have a room number. If you forget to make your reservations at check in you can call Guest Services from your suite and they will be happy to help you.

    As for my favorite food---I LOVE the lamb chops at Casanova's and the homemade ice creams and sorbets for dessert! I'm smiling just thinking about the food at CSS!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

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    You need reservations for dinners at Casanova and Palazzina. Room service can be called any time during active hours. No reservations needed for lunch or breakfast.

    Favorite thing to eat: lobster dinner, jerk chicken, and beef patties!
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    Congratulations beachlover123! You're going to love CSS.

    There is no reservation needed for breakfast, lunch and only dinner at the Palazzina and Casanova restaurants. If you want to have breakfast delivered to your room you'll need to hang the form on the doorknob so they'll know what to bring and when. Room service can be ordered any time between 6 AM and 11 PM. If you get hungry between noon and 6 AM, except during dinner you can grab something at the Beach Grill (you'll soon add jerk to your list). During dinner this is the Bella Vista restaurant, which does not require reservations.

    As far as favorite things to eat...everything. It's all good! There's no bad food at any Couples restaurant, or if there is we haven't found it.


    Bart & Bug

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    Not necessary to make reservations anywhere except Casanova for dinner if I remember correctly. No reservations needed for other meals. Breakfast is a wonderful buffet you don't want to miss.

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    There are no reservations required for breakfast or lunch. For dinner you will need a reservation for everything except the beach grill. Room service will take your order anytime they are open without being pre-planned.

    My fav is the pasta bar at Palazzina! Going back in May and looking forward to it. Honestly, we ate there most nights for dinner.

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    The only tme you need reservations are at dinner for the Cassanova and Palazina. You can go to the one on beach without a reservation or you can make one. Room service is at any time. Enjoy! Oh, and make your Cassanova reservations when you get there. I've been unable to get one a couple of times if I didn't book it early enough in the trip.

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    I dont remember needing reservations anywhere for lunch. However i could be wrong. Most of the time we just ate at the beach grill and you never need reservations there and they usually seat you very quick. As far as what i liked to eat the most, well according to my scale when i got back the answer to that question would be everything! I really enjoyed the surf and turf at the beach grill and the lamb at cassanova, but my favorite had to be the margirita pizza. It is simple yet very good perfect late night dish to share. Ask the chef to add a little avacado (or pear as they call it) and it is amazing!

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    Congrats on your marriage! I think you will love CSS. My wife and I spent out 10 year anniversary there last June. It was the most relaxing trip we've ever taken.
    As far as the meals.... Reservations are only required for dinner at the two main resturants (Cassanova & Palazzina). Cassanova is only open for dinner, while Palazzina serves breakfast lunch and dinner. We ate breakfast most days at Palazzina (awesome omlette bar!) and caught lunch and and some dinners at the beach grill. We also ordered room service quiet often.
    Personally, I preferred dinner at Palazzina's to the one I had a Cassanova. Although they were both very good.
    The nachos from room service was very good and no, you don't have to have a reservation to order room service.
    I hope this helps. Have a great trip!

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    I had only ever had lamb a couple times and didn't really think I would like it. Having read praises about it on this board, I ordered it at Pallazina and it was really, really delicious. They know how to prepare it right. I think it is a "must try" at CSS.

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