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    Default Photo Contest Picture Size

    I know I found this someplace before but I can't locate it now.
    Happens when you get old!
    All my pictures are to large and to high of a resolution and I would like to post for the sunset thread and the photo contest.
    We have sunsets from CN, CSS and CTI to post.
    Any help ?

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    Do you want to host them or post them? (rhymed!)

    Imageshack offers a built in resizer for hosted shots, and if you're on XP, you can use:

    For Vista use:

    One click resizing with both.

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    I haven't tried posting an oversize picture on this new MB but I think it is sized for you.

    Well I take that all back. A few revisions are noted. Pictures now show up AND they are resized automatically. It's all done for you!
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    Nice find RDYJMJM!
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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