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    Default November?

    I have been looking quite a bit for a honeymoon location and I keep steering towards CSA.
    We are getting married in August but we are planning on going sometime in November.

    I was wondering ...
    What is the weather like in November?
    Is November a busy time of year at CSA?
    Would you recommend booking now or waiting a bit for a better deal?
    With the au naturel, can you consistently see people au naturel on the beach? (We're a bit shy/conservative)
    Any more advice?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this. I enjoy reading all the information found throughout here. Cheers!

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    We go in November to CN. This will be our 4th trip and we LOVE the weather at that time. Daytime temps are nice but not too hot, night time is VERY comfortable. Though it is still hurricane season, you are at the very end of it. Prices are decent on flights. Over the past three years I have waited for a wed special and not found one. I think prices typically take another jump in March. Book now and start your countdown.

    One other thing, if you are shy and looking to meet people, I think CN lends itself to that more than CSA. CN is so much smaller, it is so VERY simple to meet people and get to know them there. I"ve never been to CSA, so I can't speak to it but we LOVE CN.

    Good luck with any one you choose

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    No au natural area at CSA. You might see a topless lady or two.

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    CSA does not have an au natural area so no you will not see nudity. You will see topless from time to time, that is not considered nudity. It depends on the clientele at any given time how many women will be sunbathing topless. It's not a bunch of women prancing around, we just lay on our loungers without our bikini tops on.

    November and December are our favorite and preferred times of year to go to Jamaica, we love the weather and the lack of bugs/mosquitoes then.

    Enjoy and happy honeymooning to you!

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    All great information!


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    We got married at CSA in November. The weather was great! We had rain on two days which lasted around an hour and was always around one and two o'clock. When we were there i only saw one topless lady...I'm from the UK and was very surprised not to see a lot more.
    You also asked if it is busy then well their peak season doesn't kick in till Jan i believe so we had no issues o f having to put down towels early in the morning. We loved it and would go again in Nov i(if we can ever afford it). You will have a fantastic time and i'm very jealous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by faithsharon View Post
    All great information!

    We are going to CSA in November and have never been. Booking sooner than later is better as prices tend to be better the earlier you book plus you have a better chance of getting the room category you want. Plus Couoles has a Best Price Gurantee which means if there is a better price that comes up after you book, you still get the better price.

    Hope that helps.

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    Congratulations, first and foremost!! I hope all your wedding plans are going well!

    I am also getting married around the same time--November 17 in MN We decided on a Couples resort as well, but CTI was calling to us. We aren't huge fans of being AN, so that wasn't a huge pull for us, but through my research it sounds like "The Island" is a very nice place to be for that. We were drawn to it's smaller size and very positive reviews.

    This thread is also helpful for the comments on how the weather will be, as we are going at what it sounds like is the end of hurricane season! We will be at CTI from Nove 19-28.

    Let us know what you decided!! I'm sure wherever you picked will be an AMAZING start to your life together!

    240 days till I marry my best friend
    242 days till CTI

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    Have only been in November and the weather is spectacular. 'Nuff said!

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