We are taking advantage of the Fall savings and have already booked our flight. Got a good price for our flight and now this deal for our room
The only problem is which one to go to? Ahhhhhh Everytime we think we have it decided to try San Souci (other side of the island new adventures) i look at the beach of Negril. We have stayed at CSA and loved it but would it be wise to try something new or would we come back and keep comparing to our 1st time to CSA? Would the time of years make any difference? We would be there 1st week of October. Does it matter on side of the island to the other?
Is the shuttle ride any better to Ochios Rios? The one to Negril killed my neck and back.
If we sway back to Negril should we venture over to CN? Oh such hard decisions! One last question do all Couples has those delicious chocolate donuts of Swept Away?
Only 225 days to go.