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    Default The Dirty Dozen

    Watch out CSS the dozen are coming. Feb 27 thru Mar 8th.

    We are there for friends and fun
    Ask abouy Andy and getting cut off on the plane to Hawaii.
    Also ask who in our group is Knomeo and how did he get that name
    We are Canadian and hockey fans.
    Look for team shirts or look for Dirty Dozen group shirts.
    CSS may never be the same. lol
    Just kidding
    We are there for romance, love and fun
    Say Hi if you see us. Life is too short not to make new friends

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    We need to get our groups together. My husband and I and 7 other couples will be arriving March 1st. We'll all have matching CSS koozies!

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    We look forward to meeting your group. Brenda and Paul

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    hey lewy as always I'll have the best shirt

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