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    Default first time visiting CSA!

    My husband and I are vacationing at CSA the first week of July this year. We have never been on a vacation like this. We will be renewing our vows, any suggestions on what to do while we are there? We are definately going to be going to Ricks cafe!

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    Enjoy all the ressort has to offer!!!!

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    You will LOVE CSA!!! Be sure to do the resort Orientation is quick, and you'll get to see everything there is....If you love tennis (or want to learn), they have outstanding facilities and offer free lessons. The gym is great, and you should definitely check out the Spa and Buddha Pool....

    Eat at each of the restaurants (and try some Jamaican food), enjoy Ultimate Chocolate, try to stay up for the bonfire, check out the Martini Bar before dinner.

    Meet the staff, try the snorkeling, go on the Cat Cruise, try water sports that you haven't done before.

    Mostly, allow the sand gravity to dictate your days!!

    And if you decide to dive the cliffs at Rick's, you may want to check out a thread on TripAdvisor regarding some shenanigans once you hit the water.

    Enjoy vacationing at one of our favorite spots on earth!!

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    Do the Cat cruise, Beach Party, maybe Para Sail (costs extra, ask for Elvis on the beach). I would pass on Ricks, too expensive and tourist trap. You see the cliff jumping from the cat cruise. Tip the Cat criuse guys, they do not work for Couples. Do not tip Couples employees, it is covered in you trip price. Tip baggage handlers at the airport and the bus driver. Have fun. Eat at Feathers, Sea Grapes, and the Thai place Lemon Grass (I think). The Silver Birds Steel drum band is a must see. Sooooo much more I could tell you... Do as much as you can, but have fun, you will be back so if you miss is waiting for your return!

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    Plan on spending almost all of your time on the resort. There are a ton of inclusions, a georgeous beach, fantastic food and the best service anywhere. All the activities, watersports and nightly entertainment you need are right on the resort.
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    Do some research on the message board for "off site attractions". Also you may want to read up on Rick's before you decide for sure you want to go there. From my understanding it is very touristy and a bit expensive. Just my 2 cents worth.

    You will love CSA, we are going for our sixth trip in June and can't wait to get back to the beach. Congratulations on your vow renewal, we did a vow renewal for our 25th anniversary on our first trip. It is a wonderful experience and you will be very glad that you did it.

    Have a great trip!

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    It's awful ....what you do is transfer the booking to our names (we a favour) will pay for own flights...then we will email you telling you that it is too hot and the food is too nice & there is too many drink offerings the snorkelling makes our swimsuits wet...etc ok ...enjoy!!!

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