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Thread: CTI Diving?

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    Default CTI Diving?

    I just read a review on TA, all of which I take with a grain of salt, which stated that certified divers receive one free dive, after which they are $50.00.

    I have never been certified on our previous trips, but planned to become certified prior prior to our June 30 return. However, if this is the case I'll probably hold off.

    Do you get unlimited free dives or only one? Thanks in advance.

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    We go to CN and do both dives every day for a total of 11 during our one week stay.

    I believe if you do the resort course you get one free dive. After that is is $50/dive. They want you to do the PADI OW course. Then you do the one after the resort course + 3 more in a row the 2nd day. After that you are certified and can join the boat for the 9am & 1:30pm dives.

    If that is the case sign up the first day as this resort course can fill up fast. That way you can get in alot more diving. For free!

    The night dive also costs $50/dive but they need a certain number of divers before they will go out.
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    Betty is correct - $50 for more than one dive for non-certified divers. Certified divers can dive at least once and usually twice a day, no (extra) charge!

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    Thank you for your responses.

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