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Thread: How many trips?

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    Default How many trips?

    This doesn't necessarily have to be posted to the MB.

    Is there a way to see how many trips we have to CTI? My wife and I seem to disagree on the number. One of us thinks it is 32, the other thinks it's 31.

    Help please

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    At this point does it really matter?

    I don't think their records go back much further than 07.

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    Serious? 31 or 32? That is fantastic! My wife and I head back to CN April 12 (1st time February our 4th in just over 2 years aint bad ). We are planning on putting an addtion on the house which will cut into travels a bit I fear...but I am going to have to set a life goal of keeping up wiht the Crabracers! (thanks for the motivation)

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    we are in the same delima on how many trips to cti. I think we have been their 28 times, wife says 27, but its a nice problem to have. We have been very lucky to have been to their so many times. Just wonder if you and i are in the top 10 as trips to cti. I would love to know if we are.

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    That says something about couples... just sayin.

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    I have two ways of keeping track.
    1 - I keep a travel diary for every vacation we go on. I write down little things daily, food we ate, what we did, people we met. Then we can look back and reminisce.
    2 - I have a spreadsheet for vacations. On it I track - date, length of stay, location, room, cost for trip, cost pp/day. I also put very short, point form, tid bits for a quick reference of our overall enjoyment, issues we had etc.

    Yep, I know, it's a bit much isn't it. But - I can tell you that we've been to a Couples Resort 9 times since 2004 + one more if you count our first trip in 2002 to Sans Souci when it was still Grand Lido.
    That means: GLSS -1, CSS - 2, COR - 2, CTI - 1, CN - 4 with a total of 110 nights at Couples (+ the 14 at GLSS).

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    Wow.. wish I had that dilemma! lol Do you keep your old passorts? You can count the stamps... but as I was tying this I remembered that we traveled on birth certificates until passports were mandatory... so that wouldnt probably work either. Go with 32! lol

    Couples Ocho Rios 2005/2006
    CSA 2009/2010/2011/
    2012 x2/2013 x2

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    squally80--It is a nice dilemma to have. And like you, we are blown away that we have been fortunate enough to keep pulling this off twice a year. I'm, sure you know, it takes a whole lot of planning and scheming.
    We had been to Jamaica twice before we found Couples. We stayed at the old Bosco Belle Beach Resort. It used to be the Playboy club back in the 1960's. It was our first vacation alone in 25 years. By ;the time we found COR, we were already hooked on Jamaica. Going to Couples only reinforced our burning desire to keep going back.

    We may be in the top 20 for repeaters, I'm not sure about the top 10. In any case, it truly changed our life.

    I really would like to get an answer as to how many trips.

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    Randy or Ivonna--Is there some way to check the records to find out how many trips we have made to COR/CTI?

    Squally80 mentioned that he thought that we were probably in the top ten for the number of trips. I thought that we were probably in the top twenty. Just idle curiosity.


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