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    Default CSA Grill on Fridays?

    I see on the website that the Grill is "closed on Fridays". I understand the beach party takes place on Friday nights so I can see why with all the buffet out on the beach there wouldn't be a need for the grill right there too, but does this mean the Grill is closed all day Friday or just during the beach party? Also does it open later that night after the party is over--so if I have my 2 am cravings after a few drinks in the aurora I can grab something? Thanks!

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    Default Randymon... say it isn't so... CSA Grill closed all day on Fridays?

    Will be coming home next week Saturday, and would like to know as well if the Grill is closed all day or just during the beach party?
    Thanks much
    Soon Come...

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    I cant speak about exact times they close and re-open, but yes its really only closed so all employees are working beach party (so i suspect). We would end up at grill almost every late night after piano bar/disco and it was not closed any night.


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