I thought that I would share my tripadvisor review of CN. Other than some small issues, we had another wonderful week!

Stayed overnight in Charlotte on the way to Montego Bay so that we could get the early flight and get to Negril sooner. Customs was a little busier than we are used to, arrived MBJ at 11am and it took 45 min to get to the Couples lounge. The lounge was packed!!!! We had time to change into shorts and sit for a drink and they called us out to our shuttle. There were 14 people on our shuttle to Negril, this is by far the most we have had. The shuttle drivers are in cahoots with a vendor enroute to Negril and they encourage you to stop for Red Stripes although if you tell them not to stop they will not. This year the driver called for the stop at a place that I knew was only 20 minutes from the resort. Our group was mostly newbies and they wanted beer so I did not think that I could reason with them that stopping was a waste of precious time at the resort so we played along and let them stop. We did not exit the bus and I think that the driver got the hint as we only stopped for 15 min...acceptable.

Check In- Only 1 person to check in 7 couples but it went pretty smooth

Room- Standard Garden. We always get a garden room because we are only in our room to shower, change clothes and sleep. I would rather spend the extra money on extra nights, plus you are staring at the ocean all day. Why do you need to see the ocean from your room for the small amount of time that you spend there. Our room was in bldg 9. The room was as expected but there was enough road noise from this block that I required the earplugs out of my travel kit. The room was kept very clean, kudos to housekeeping.

Restaurants- Ate at Heliconia, and Cassava as well as the repeaters dinner. Heliconia was lobster night, the lobster mac and cheese was to die for. Repeaters dinner was lobster and filet surf and turf with the most tender beef filet that I have ever had. Cassava was excellent on the buffet nights but the nights that it was ala-carte it took 2.5 hours to get appetizer/salad/main. We talked to several couples who walked out before they had gotten their full meal. We walked out without dessert because we were sick of sitting there. This is why I deducted a star this year. Hello management? This was a problem last year and it has not been corrected. I know you are on "island time" but this is a bit ridiculous.
Breakfast and lunch buffet at Cassava were excellent, the wife and I started calling the creme cheese pockets on the breakfast buffet "heroin pockets"
Lunch at Hellicona, snapper sandwich is to die for!!

Bars- Good drinks aplenty!! The Grey Goose chocolate martinis in the piano bar just about did me in a couple of nights.

Beach- Plenty of loungers no matter what time you arrive at the beach. If you don't want the vendors to bother you just sit back from the water a little bit. Please tip the beach musicians, a few of them should be on American Idol.

Fellow Guests- What an awesome group of fellow guests, everybody was so friendly!! We made new friends from Canada, the UK as well as the United States.

Check Out- What can I say going home to the cold sucks!!!!!!!!!!

Synopsis- Other than a couple of small hiccups, we had a wonderful time.