I read on one review (unable to find it again) that a certified diver had been refused the use of the complimentary free dive per day because he had not completed the scuba medical questionnaire before he arrived at the resort.
In the Scuba-Diving PDF it states:
Please review the medical questionnaire (hyperlink). Complete this form if you have a medical condition that may require a doctor's waiver. Make sure to get the appropriate waiver before arriving at the resort (the form must be stamped by the physician / medical facility. You must bring the original form—faxes and photocopies cannot be accepted). Scuba medical form: http://www.couples.com/scuba-medical-questionnaire.pdf
Not having a medical condition that requires a doctor’s waiver I had not planned to complete this form.
Considering the posters experience, I do not want to arrive in resort and find they require the form completed by all divers.
Can anyone advise?