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Thread: CN or CSA ????

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    Default CN or CSA ????

    Hi! I am new to couples and I am in the process of booking a trip for July and I am having a hard time deciding between CN & CSA. Both look beautiful and there isn't much of a price difference. Maybe some of you that have been to both can let le know pros & cons of the2. Thanks

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    This question seems to pop up on here at least once a week. What I would suggest is that you search for some of the other threads about this, read the reviews and info on the website and then just pick the one you feel calls to you more and then don't stress about it because you can't go wrong either way. More than likely you'll love Couples in general and the next time you go back you can try which ever one you don't this time. That's what my wife and I did anyway.

    Or depending on how long you plan to go for you could do a split and stay at both.

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    We've been to both and both were nice. Will I return to CSA, most definitely, in August to be exact. CN, probably not. Not there was anything wrong, I just didn't get that "warm and fuzzy" feeling there. TI doesn't even appeal to me so from now on, CSA and CSS will be our resorts of choice.

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    This question does come up all the time. It really is a matter of preference. We love, love, love CN. 9th trip is only 92 days away. And CSA has never held any real appeal to us. CN is more compact and initmate and CSA is more spread out. CN is more of a Jamaican laid back feel, with bright tropical colors and Jamaican art, while CSA is more of a Jamaican elegance with cedar and white linens.

    CSA sits on Long Bay, which, I think is a more public beach, while CN sits on Bloody Bay, which is a little bit quieter and calmer.

    The food at both will be amazing, but food is subjective. I think one of the biggest differences is that CSA has a disco, which we have not been to but I have read is a lot of fun.

    At the end of the day, you really have to go with the one that pulls at your heart the most, for us it is CN.
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