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    Default The stress is over, now for the excitement

    We've booked!!! Waahoooooo

    We've been going back and forth over where to go for several weeks. CN and CSA were both in the top 5 destinations along with a few other countries. What a stressful time, but it's finally over! I'm sure we're going to have a great time (we better, or since it was my "job" to book the honeymoon I'll be in trouble... lol)!

    We were hoping the new Wednesday "deal" was going to work for us, but we're traveling a week too early (how depressing, would've saved us a lot). We're heading down August 13th-22nd for our Honeymoon for our 1st of presummably many trips to... are you ready.... CSA! We have an atrium suite waiting for us.

    We booked through a "platinum" travel agent per couples recommendation (on their "find a travel agent" link), and it was a smooth transaction. Fast, courteous, and responsive agent. If in doubt, it's a good resource to use.

    180 days until we arrive in paradise!

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    Awesome! You guys are going to make some great memories at CSA. Congrats and enjoy.

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