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    I just returned from CTI, and Ava asked me to give you the message that she loves you too.

    She is really amazing, even though she did threaten to put me to work.... :-)

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    Tandj..You have made my day.
    Isn't Ava just a doll?
    Peggy and I had one of our best trips at CTI.
    So many wonderful employees..Oh,how we miss all of them.

    Tndj..I hope to meet you and yours one day at a Couples resort and I indeed will be bring FREE HUGS and I expect them back..LOL

    Hugs to you two from 10 0 C

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    Ava liked to have worked me to death..She said "No work no Salty Dogs"

    Oh,how we miss each and everyone of the employees of CTI.


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    Yes, we too love CTI and all the wonderful staff, which is why we keep coming back. They are all amazing, and really go out of their way to make sure you have a great time. We just got home, and can't wait to go back again!

    Of course, in addition to all the great staff, we also met lots of great new friends who helped to make our vacation more fun. In case they are reading this - a big shout out to Dan and Donna, Debbie and Rocky, Suzanne and Dave, Jessica and Eric, Steph and Josh, Bill and Bev, Gayle and Dave, John and Stacey, Jackie and Gary, and Joanne and Marty. We miss you guys, and hope to meet up with you all again at Couples.

    We hope to meet you, tommywommy, as well some day so I can get my free hugs!! So I guess you will need to come to CTI!!

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