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Thread: CSS vs. CTI

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    Default CSS vs. CTI

    How does the SSB compare to the Au naturel isle at CTI? Does one have more room than the other?

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    SBB is a lot larger than TI and located on the mainland where TI is of course an island setting.

    CSS has a larger pool with swim up bar with a low end and a deeper side by the bar with a rock cave waterfall and beach area. Where as TI you need to take a boat over and the pool is more for socializing w/bar. TI does not have much of a beach but can snorkel and be aware of the coral surrounding the island in doing so.

    When you arrive at TI you have a right side where some newbies go to get comfortable (little more private) and to the left is where the pool and bar are. There is also a tower that has a beautiful view at the top w/restroom.

    Love them both and different on their own ways. Enjoy! That's were you will find the most friendliest and wonderful people - where we have made friends for life!

    Whichever you choose, take a day and visit the other - well worth it!

    Paul and Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    Hi travelguy,

    We have been to both SSB and CTI, and for the AN facilities, we much prefer SSB. You must take the boat (a small skif with a motor), over to the island at CTI. The island itself is small, and they have built a handful of decks where a couple can hang out. There are umbrellas on most of them and a couple have nice hammocks. The pool is the socialization area, and it is very small. Just big enough to stand in, and get a drink at the bar. They do bring food out to the island at lunch, but if you want a nice sit-down, leisurely lunch, you have to get dressed, take the boat back, and have lunch on the mainland.

    SSB on the other hand has a large pool with a cool waterfall in the middle. The pool is large enough that several couples can float around on the floaties without running into each other. The swim-up bar is at one end, and the grill and restrooms are adjacent to the bar area. The beach is quite large, and perfect for the nervous newbie couples who can hang out under umbrellas that are far enough away from everyone else that it is comfortable for them. After a while they get used to it, and venture up to the pool and bar. You must walk to the AN beach at SSB, but it is a very nice stroll (unless it is pouring down rain, and even that isn't so bad).

    Bottom line for us is that we liked the food at CTI a little better, but the AN facilities at SSB are far superior to CTI. Hope that helps!

    Bob & Mary

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    Hi Travelguy,

    SSB definitely has a lot more room than CTI. SSB has a large beach, and a much larger pool than CTI. Both have swim-up bars. SSB has a grill where they actually cook some of the food, whereas CTI they bring it over to the island. CTI pool is pretty small, but excellent for socializing around the bar. SSB pool has enough room to float around. Hard to swim off of the island at CTI. SSB beach has a cool fresh water river running into the ocean, so can be a bit bracing until you get out past that. We like both, but think SSB definitely has more room

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    Thanks! We are already booked for CSS.

    Darryl & Beverly

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