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    Default Building Numbersat CSA

    We are heading back to CSA for a week in March and want to try and get a specific beachfront building. Does anyone know the number of the buildings that are right near the hot tub and directly face the ocean? I should have written down where we stayed last year, because it was in a perfect location. Thanks!!!!!!

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    Well, it will not likely do you any good to know... Couples policy on this is clear. They can only accommodate you in the room category you have requested in your reservation, or upgrade you for a charge. The can't make it a practice to accommodate specific room or building requests, although it can't hurt to ask. I'm pretty sure that those are Ocean Verandah Suites you're talking about, if that helps.

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    14 and 15. Rooms are 3109-3312 and 3112-3316. We will be there in 3 days and its my favorite location as well.

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    thanks for your replies...we have booked a beachfront verandah suite....I just don't want the one nearest to the disco......March 11 can't get here fast enough!!!!

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