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    Default Getting Naked!?!?!?!

    Ok so heres the scoop we are suppose to be arriving at CTI 9/23-9/28 although I'm very excited that I am going to try the Au Naturel beach I am also very terrified! LOL my fiance can't wait! Hes just comfortable like that, me I'm a bit scary a bit nervous, Im on the thicker side and am nervous to take it all off. Women any words of encouragement?????

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    It will be my first time too I just think that we don't get many chances to get naked outdoors. Especially not at a romantic and beautiful tropical island. The sun and breeze will feel nice. Plus swimming in the ocean naked must be really cool.

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    Go early in your trip and early in the day. Get on the boat, go to the right once you get to the island as that is the more private, less social area. The pool is to the left and that is where most of the socialization takes place. Find your loungers, lay out your towel. Then what I did was lay down in my suit and shimmied out of it. Send fiance for your drinks. Pretty soon, you will look around and see that everyone else is naked and no one is staring at you and that no one really cares what you look like.

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    If you are worried about you body shape, don't be. Read a little more on this board and you will see that your feelings are common, but unfounded. I am definitely no "10". More like a "1". In my experience, there are more like us than like the 10's. No one cares. We are all there for the same reason, to enjoy the freedom and the sun shining on all of our body. Go and enjoy.

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    Going to TI will be one of the most memorable, rewarding, empowering experience, that will change your attitude and clear up some misconceptions, and, this is the most important part, you and yours will have a fantastic time.
    You will meet and make friends with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Truly amazing.

    But please don't just take my word for it. Get out there on your first day, rather on your last.

    Have fun!!


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    Thanks everyone for the great words of encouragement!!!!

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    We were very nervous the first time as well... sat on the secluded side for a while then slowly moved to the pool... now 10 years and 10 trips later we barely check into our room before we are on the boat... go early in the trip... nobody judges anyone by looks.... you will meet some really great people that you will call friends....good luck

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    Richie is right, don't take his word for it, or mine for that matter. However, go as soon as you get there!! We have been on the island, as has everyone else, with all different kinds of people....some so skinny, I think they only have one side and others that I am sure top out around 280-300 pounds. i can truly tell you that this is one place where the old phrase "size doesn't matter" is the honest truth. It will be a truly unique experience for you. One that you will treasure for the rest of your life and one that you will want to continue. When you return to the states, I encourage you to come back to this thread and reread all the comments. You won't have to admit it, but you will sit in front of your computer and think to yourself....they were all right, but I still can't believe how great it was.
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    I agree! I was a first-timer in June and a bit nervous. Once I got my suit off and had a drink or two I relaxed. Not too long after that as my husband and I were chatting with a couple I realized that everyone else was just as naked as I was, therefore not a big deal!
    I also realized that swimsuits tend to accentuate the negative instead of the positive. When you're not wearing's all good! It truly is an experience like none other!

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    Don't worry, I too was a first timer a few weeks ago to the nude beach at CN. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! Once you do it you will never want to wear a suit again. I will tell you that everyone is very friendly and non judgmental. Just lay back and will love the sunshine touching every inch of your body!

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    Yes no worries about enjoying the nude beach,all you have to do is relax We tried it on our honeymoon and couldn't get enough of it Iowacouplesc were you just at CN? We were there from 7/9 to 7/16.

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    Yes we were just in CN 7/11-7/17! I am sure maybe we met! I am terrible with names though! Hope you had as good of time as we did! Every night as we sit on our deck we say to each other.."wish we were on the beach in Jamaica". We hope to get there again in the future. It can't come soon enough!
    Keep in touch.
    Wendy and Bob

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    Yes we feel the same way, think back about the wonderful time we had laying on that beautiful beach. We are heading back next July so we have a countdown clock on our computers at work and home reminding us how much longer til we are back in paradise. It is nice to see fellow Iowans also but to bad we are on the other side of the state.

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