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    Default Help - head cold!!

    After planning and anticipating our trip to CSA for the last 12 months, we are only 3 sleeps away from leaving. I woke up yesterday with a nasty head cold and I'm so congested and wiped out. Any suggestions to speed this along so I'm not totally miserable on our fight? We leave on a red-eye out of Seattle thru NC then on to Jamaica Saturday morning.

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    500 mg zinc twice a day and 1000 mg c twice a day. Water waterwater

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    Take a lot of vitamin C, tea and honey and make sure you do not have an ear infection (I'm known for them once I get there from the plane a few of our trips there) because is not good to fly and should not fly if you have an ear infection (had to stay 3 extra days one trip - oh what shame - LOL).

    Have a wonderful time and hope you feel better soon!

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    I know a lot of people will tell you to take lots of drugs, but I find that hydro sense really helps to cleanse your sinuses and prevent an infection. Good luck and remember that the salt water air will also help clear it right up as soon as you get there, but in the meantime I hope your feeling better soon. Have a great trip.

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    Sudafed 12 hour...I swear by the stuff. They make you show your ID and get it from behind the counter because people make meth with it. If you can make meth, it must be good. Pop one when you get up in the morning along with 2 extra strength tylenol and then again around dinnertime. Besides that just get as much sleep as possible to let your body rest.

    Of course, be careful with this advice and consult a doctor...I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV

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    Bummer....I'd say it will have to run it's course if it's only a cold. Take meds for the congestion and hope for the best. Once both me and my husband had something similar and although we felt bad, it didn't totally ruin our vacation....cause we were in Jamaica. I'd rather be sick in Jamaica any day as home (as long as it's something minor of course).

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    Plenty of fluids and REST!

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    Default Do this!

    Totally feel your pain. We are leaving on Saturday and our oldest has a nasty cold - praying hard not to get it. Try this - works like a charm.

    1) Buy a package of Cold Eeze at Target/Wal-Greens. They are zinc lozenges that shorten the duration of the common cold. Both Walgreen's and Target sell generic versions as well. Pound those - I think you can take 6 or 8 a day.

    2) Buy Emergen-C powder packets. Take 2 or 3 of those a day with water. It is a super-dose of Vitamin C.

    3) Buy yourself a Neti-Squeeze bottle. It's like the Neti-pot but more effective. Totally irrigates your sinuses and helps with congestion. Very useful in preventing the cold from becoming a sinus infection.

    4) Sleep is really important so take Nyquil - they make you woozy but you need the sleep. Also, I use Breathe Right strips as well just to help me get as much sleep as possible.

    I get one cold a year - usually in earlyDecember and as soon as I feel the first sniffle, I pounce and I usually am feeling better within 3 days.

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    Get a small bottle of Echinacea and Golden Seal at your local health food store or vitamin shop. Don't be cheap, by the good stuff. Three eyedroppers full in an 8-ounce glass of orange juice. Twice daily. Drink as much water as you can - an 8-ounce glass every two hours. Take something to dry up your sinuses - Benadryl or similar. Good luck.
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    I ran into the same problem when I went this past January. Mine developed the day before and carried into the first couple days of our trip. I just do Emergency C which is a powder that you can mix with orange juice. I brought some down with me and I felt better on the second day. I took am not a fan of cold medicine. I hope you feel better and enjoy your trip!

    Ashley & Terry

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    I will pray to the vacation fairy that she grant you a speedy recovery! I completely agree with the advice previously given. Lots of water, but I also rinse my sinuses with warm salty water--kits are sold at every drug store. That really helps me when I'm congested.

    Be well and have a wonderful trip!!!

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    Buy some Sudafed, or any decongestant containing pseudoephedrine. It is the number one best thing you can take for a stuffed-up nose. More importantly, Sudafed will keep your ears from plugging up on the flight (nothing worse than not being able to equalize the pressure - very painful!)

    Other than that, using a sinus rinse kit for the next couple of days can help symptoms, zinc lozenges can shorten the duration of the cold, and lots of rest is always a good way to feel better faster.

    Think positive, usually the worst part of cold is over in a couple of days!

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    I've heard of two things that friends have tried and say they worked.
    1 - oil of oregano (available at health food stores) one or two drops under your tongue (check internet for more info) wipes out any colds etc.
    1 - peel an onion, put it in a jar with lid, put it next to your bed at night - supposedly by the next morning the onion will be discoloured and you'll feel lots better (sis says this is the bomb!)

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    Zinc does help. We also use Airborne.

    Life is good

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    Buy a supplement called ZMA which has zink and magnesium to shorten the cold. I also usually take liquid night time cold med that not only helps with the symptoms but also my sleep. The usual vitamin C and E may help. Probably a good idea to ask you doctor for an anti biotic before you go just in case. Far cheaper at home than in Jamaica. Good luck.

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I went to the doctor yesterday when my ears started to throb and my sinuses were ready to explode. I have ear and sinus infection. She gave me a Z-pak antibiotic for 5 days. I'm taking Sudafed for decongestant and saline nasal spray. I've also loaded up on Airborne which has extra vitamin C, zinc and echinacea. I just pray my asthma doesn't rear it's ugly little head!

    To paraphrase Jamerican-we-are ~ better to have a cold in Jamaican than at home!"

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    I'm not sure I have seen this in the replies, but megadose some Vitamin D also. Like up to 40,000 IU/day for a few days if you don't have liver issues.

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    Irie at CN, Iv'e heard that if you put a dead chicken in a chair close to the bed, and in the morning if it's stairing straight at you, you'll be so scared shi.less, you won't even remember that you had a cold!

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    Good luck, hopefully the antibiotics will help quickly. DO consider a nasal decongestant spray for the flight, to minimise risk of eardrum injury. (I use a 12-hour one from Sudafed as my favourite, not sure if they sell the same formula in the USA.) CAUTION THOUGH: antibiotics can make you get sunburn or prickly-heat rash more easily. Use serious sunblock/lip block/hat. May return slightly less tan, but it's waaaay better than being laid up with sunburn or worse. Have a lovely, lovely time. Heading to CSA on the 25th myself.

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    BarDar - lol, I've never tried the chicken thing, but now I'm sure to leave that remedy off my list. I may never be able to look at chicken the same way again.
    I never did the onion thing either.
    The oil of oregano idea came from a friend who used it and said her cold was gone within a day or two. I've never tried that one either.

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    I hope you are now enjoying your trip and your cold is almost gone! I use Oil of Oregano and still got quite sick with a cold for a couple of days . However, I think it helped with the symptoms and maybe even shortened the duration of the cold. We're always looking for that magic solution!!

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