We are engaged and ready to book our honeymoon for early June '12. Been lurking on the board and TA for several weeks now, hesitant to pull the trigger on booking. CSA is where we were planning to go. We're prepared to pay a premium for a premium resort and service.

I must say though, I am reading more and more lately about the lack of chairs/ loungers and this is really troubling to me. I just cannot understand how the resorts allow this to be an issue and frankly will have everything to do with whether or not we choose CSA.

It is not excusable in my opinion for any guest spending 5 to 7k on a honeymoon at this resort, to have to even worry about getting up at 5 AM and reserving seats. I don't believe in being a seat hog. But you apparently learn to play the same game or go without. Of all the things offered to a guest visiting a resort, a beach chair or lounger should be a minimal required expectation, and should be made available any time of the day. The resort should deal with those folks hogging more than one chair each. Or the resort should just get more in stock.

But I can go anywhere and the bothered and deprived on the beach for much less of an investment. It is a shame because we are really leaning towards CSA.

I'm just not sure this level of service should require musical chairs/ loungers games to get a seat. How does one persuade these resorts to invest in seats? Or do you think we're just SOL and have to play the chair game?