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    We are eagerly awaiting the new deal coming out Feb 15, in the meantime I've been looking for some ways to cut costs just a tad to keep us on our target budget without cutting our trip short. One thing we discussed is staying the first 2 nights in MoBay then heading over to CSA for our 5 nights.

    My question is, how easy is it going to be to get to CSA from MoBay if we don't go straight from the airport? Can we get back to the airport and take the CSA shuttle if we are not just getting in from a flight?

    I should probably just suck it up and throw the budget out the window, at least that what my hubby says...but I'm the penny pincher and just can't do it.

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    I'll tell you what I think. First, you will be needing a room in Mo Bay, you will be eating, drinking, getting from the airport, shopping?, night time entertainment? It's all going to cost. Unpacking,packing, back to the airport [if you can even get the shuttle then], Driving to Couples,unpacking, etc......... Hey, you married the guy, listen to him! Forget the new bathing suit and spend two more beautiful days at Swept Away! You married a genius!

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    I think you can get the shuttle to CSA from the airport as long as its the planned day of arrival to the resort. You'd need to pay for a cab to and from your hotel in Montego Bay.
    Can I offer you another suggestion? Instead of staying in Montego Bay you might want to consider staying someplace else in Negril for the first couple days. That way you won't lose any precious time at Swept Away on your arrival day. A short 5 minute cab ride and you'd be on the beach at CSA instead of the hassle of cabbing back to airport, waiting for the shuttle and then the 1 1/2 hour drive. Maybe even stay on the cliffs for a few nights for something completely different. Not sure if you've ever stayed in Montego Bay , and I"m sure there are people that love it but I had to spend one night there when our flight out was delayed because of weather... would have much much much preferred to spend the extra night in Negril ANYWHERE in Negril.
    oh.. and you can get a transfer to Negril for 25$ pp

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    I don't see how you'd be saving enough money to make it worth the hassle. I'd just stay the full stay at one place.

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    I'm sure you've already seen, but wanted to let you know that the new deal that came out day requires that you stay 7 nights (pay for 6 and get the 7th free) you might as well just stay all 7 nights at Swept Away
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    well the new deal is too late for us. we're coming in May. just going to suck it up and blow the budget. it'll be so worth it. it's our first time away for more than 2 nights and we totally deserve this trip! throwing caution to the wind! look out CSA!

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