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    Default What has happened to the online

    I used to just type in "" and that would get me right in, now when I do it, it says "ERROR" . Also when trying to use the online registration it just freezes up and won't let you go past the room selection. I go through the rates screen and try and change the dates and it just sits there. I called about 2 weeks ago and they said someone is working on it. Now since then it's really messed up.

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    I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 this morning to "fix" my problems. So far so good. Now to do that at home also.
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    It worked fine for me....I just did a mock booking.

    What browser are you running? I gave up on internet explorer a long time ago since it started doing stuff like you described. I now use FireFox which rarely gives me any issues.

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    I struggle with this website using Honeycomb on my tablet, but I don't have any trouble with it on Chrome on my desktop. It's really hard these days for webmasters to keep up with all the devices that could access a website and make sure they all work and the list grows every day so just when you have it all worked out, something new comes out on the market and you have to start all over. I suggest you go with the most mainstream browser available to you when having issues as a customer trying to access a site.

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