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    6 days and counting !!!!!!!!! my wife uses a wheelchair when she gets tired walking . My question is ...... Are the grounds around CN suitable for pushing a wheelchair ? I understand most of it will be sand, but are there paved or bricked areas for us to get around ?? Thanks .
    Bill from Ohio

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbnhd21 View Post
    .... Are the grounds around CN suitable for pushing a wheelchair ? I understand most of it will be sand, but are there paved or bricked areas for us to get around ??
    Yes the grounds are suitable for pushing a wheelchair and we've seen some on a few occasions.
    The sand is limited to the beach area for the most part and the grounds have paved sidewalks meandering through the garden areas.

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    From what I remember, there is plenty of non-sandy ground...pavers, concrete, lots of paths that aren't sand...I don't think you'll have a problem.

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    Yes Bill, they have paved walkways between all the buildings and the main gathering areas. Getting into the upper area, you follow the walk around up an incline to the front of the lobby and be in the upstairs area where the piano bar, gift shop, excursion desk and bell desk are located. Other then if she wants to go onto the beach you should have no problem. We will be there from 2/17 - 2/27 and are from Ohio also so if we see you I will let you buy me a beer! 28 hours till "Welcome Home."

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    Yes they are very accessible. Even though the Piano bar/lobby area has steps from the pool side, if you go around between building 6 and 7, the path goes right up to the lobby area without having any lifting. So you can even get to the Piano Bar in the evening and back out if you want. Obviously you are going to want ground floor and if you can get on the side of the resort with building 6-7-8, it would be easier for you to enjoy the Piano Bar if you want. MOst of the rest is sidewalk that shouldn't be too hard to maneuver.


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    I get tuckered out quickly as well, use a cane for balance and have difficulty with stairs. CN is small enough that I can walk pretty well anywhere we are going. The walkways between the buildings are paved or connected by a well constructed boardwalk. They are wheelchair friendly. There are small ramps up into the buffet area in case you need to use chair into that area. Getting down from the lobby area does entail walking one of two staircases but taking them slowly, even I can do this without much extra effort. I don't know if there is an elevator to make this easier, have never seen it if it is there!
    We love CN, have been there twice and are heading back this fall for our 3rd time. Tried SS last year and enjoyed it but feel like CN is just a better fit for us. Enjoy your stay in paradise!!

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    CN is perfect for wheelchairs. You can explore the entire resort without needing to use stairs and the only place without a hard surface is the beach . You choose the perfect resort!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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