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    Default how does Css compare to Swept Away

    The prices seems a bit cheaper to go to CSS. Is there any reason why?
    We just got home from CSA and like to try CSS for the more quiet atmosphere.
    Is the food the same?
    Is the drive any different than heading to Negril?

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    It seems the Ocho Rios resorts (CTI & CSS) are less expensive than their Negril (NC & CSA) counterparts. Perhaps we're paying for the nicer beach and gorgeous sunsets but that doesn't make CTI or CSS any less of a desireable.

    CSS is a quieter than CSA because its beach is private so there's no one passing through. There are many more stairs at CSS and tropical foliage than at CSA but that just adds to the tranquility that makes CSS special. There are fewer restaurants at CSS, when compared to CSA, but you can also have room service for lunch and dinner. The drive is longer to CSS (1.5-2 hours) as compared to CSA (1 hour).

    The temptation to compare any of the Couples Resorts really needs to be avoided. While there are certain things that people will like better at one resort than another there are also things that they don't like. Each of the resorts is unique in its own way and, while being part of Couples, needs to be looked at independently.

    We've been to all 4 resorts and have our favorites on each side of the island but enjoy the others also. We'd encourage those who've tried one side of the island to try the other also...and don't forget to sign up for Romance Rewards and do a Trading Places visit so you can experience the resort where you don't choose to stay.

    Going home to Jamaica in 58 days (CTI/CSS) and can't wait!!!

    Bart & Bug

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    We were married at CSS and have been there 3 times total. We are now going back to CSA for the third time as well. Each is special in its own way.
    First CSS: Small private beach but it is man made with a lesser quality of sand. Sea bed has sea weed in places and some rocks. There is an au natural beach for those interested. With less of a beach they have nicer pools. Beachfront suites are located on the only level area across the great lawn from the beach. Everything else is built into the hillside with lots of stairs. Very relaxing, intimate, and romantic. Dunns River, Dolphin Cove, nearby.
    CSA: Amazing beach...did I mention it is amazing? The Seven Mile Beach is great for walks as the water's edge is public the whole stretch. The sand is great though a bit eroded the last 2 years. Calm clear water with nothing on the bottom except smooth sand and the occasional starfish. Pools are smaller and the swim up bar pool is small and often crowded. It is spread out on level ground with more dining options. Don't miss the martini bar, Seagrape Cafe for fish tacos, Patois for banana stuffed French toast in the morning, Feathers, etc...getting hungry. Snorkeling was better at CSA, at least at the Mexico site (there are 3). If you like romantic sunsets this is the place. It faces west so this is a natural. This is little less polished than CSS but a real beach resort in every way. We love it!

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    We had stayed at CSA a few times before we decided to try CSS for the same reason you are considering it - the rates are cheaper than CSA.

    We loved the intimacy of CSS - much smaller resort. Since the beach is protected by a reef, there are no jetskiers speeding by like at CSA. And since the beach itself is private, there are no vendors (that may be a good or bad thing, depending upon your point of view). We never had problems getting beach chairs at CSS, probably because the clientele is split between the textile and au naturel beaches.

    Dinner at Casanova at CSS is spectacular, especially if you can get a table on the terrace - so romantic! And the Starlight Gala at CSS is unbelievable - the staff set up all day for the event.

    There is nothing like a couples massage in the Hideaway hut at CSS - perched on a cliff with the waves splashing on the rocks below.

    Having said all of that, CSA is our preferred resort. We love the beach and the fact that the beachfront rooms are right on the beach at CSA. For us, the sports complex at CSA is also very important. We also like that there are more restaurant options at CSA (although the room service at CSS is pretty special, too).

    The ride to CSS from MoBay is a bit longer than the ride to CSA.

    Either way, you can't go wrong. Saving a couple of hundred dollars by booking CSS over CSA is a nice opportunity.

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    How is the shuttle ride to CSS? The shuttle ride was very bumpy to CSA and made me very sore. Is the shopping trip in Ochio Rios good? Do u hear the ocaen waved at CSS from a beach front room?
    SO hard to pick when you look at seven mile beach......

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    We could not hear the ocean from our beachfront room at CSS. The beachfront rooms at CSS are set way further back from the beach than at CSA. The main lawn is in between the beach and the beachfront rooms.

    All of the roads in Jamaica are bumpier than what we are used to in Canada and the U.S.

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