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    Default June 9, 2012 Swept Away Wedding

    I'm super excited about getting married at CSA. The only thing that I am worried about is the photos. We are planning on using the resort photographer. I am a huge picture person so it's very important to me that we capture wonderful photos of our day to share with family and friends once we get back. Does anybody have any pictures from the resort photographer that I can see?

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    We are getting married at CN on June 12. We were concerned about the same thing. The resort photographer pictures that we have seen were not bad, but not what we would expect for the price. We have booked Stacey Campbell to do ours pictures.

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    Default Oops

    Meant to say Stacey Clarke

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    Im also worried about a photographer. Are the resort ones good or do people hire outside of the resort. I was also wondering about make up and hair...I have short hair but would like to style some what and have my veil put on. Are the hair dresser good? Any help

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    I personally am going with an outside photographer. I saw a lot of people who used the resort photographers and their pictures are nice but to me they look more like a friend could have taken them then a professional photographer. Plus for the price, I think it was $600 for 24 photos, even though I will pay more for the outside photographer it is worth it to get over 500 pictures and a video and for the pictures to look a little more professional. I am using Diana Campbell who has had great reviews.
    Becky & Dave
    CSS July 2012 (Wedding @ CSS 7.18.12)
    CN July 2012

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    My wife and I are wedding photographers and will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on June 8th. We went with Stacey Clarke to photograph the Vow renewal. I have seen the resort photographers work and it is not close to the standards we would accept for the $$$.
    Scott & Becca
    Caffreys Photography

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    We were going to go with the resort photographer but after reviewing the prices it was cheaper to make the 500 resort fee and hire a outside photographer. We ended up choosing Diana Campbell she was able to work with our budget we are so happy with our decision and can't wait until our wedding on May 22, 2012

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    Scott C could you please email me Would like to ask you some questions about photos

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    Hey Scott C,
    Are you guys still planning your renewals on June 12th at 4PM? Let us know man...Can't wait to meet you guys..By the way, I checked out your website, you guys do awesome work..
    See you soon....

    Dwayne & Karen

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