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    Last year we were in Punta Cana for my birthday. This year we will be in negril (cn) for my wifes birthday! While in negril she had a banner put on our door and a cake delivered to the room as a surprise for me. I'd like to do something small for her (she doesn't like big deals being made about her) while at CN but I didn't know if this is something they would do? It isn't a big deal if not but I wondered if there was someone I should contact to let them know just in case something could be done for her!


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    Why not have a love letter read over the phone to her? There is a link on the permanent threads that tell you how to go about it. It is very private, you she and couple are the only ones who know, it will make her day and if you aren't the overly sentimental, keep it shortand sweet!

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    The staff at a restaurant will sing "Happy Birthday" to her. This happened at the Repeaters Dinner at the end of January at CN.

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