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    Default First time travelling to Jamaica. Heck, first time travelling outside of USA

    Well, my wife and I will be going to CTI in 2 weeks. We will be stayin for 5 days. We books an Superior Ocean Room. Like the title says, this will be our first time to Jamaica and the first time out of the USA.

    I've been trying to do a lof of reading up on CTI to get the feel of it and what to bring and what to expect. We are looking for advice abd tips from people who actually have stayed there.

    So, what is the best advise anyone can give and what defintely to bring and what definitely to do and not to do. Since we are staying there only 5 days, we don't want to miss too much!!

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    I'd consider bringing water shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, multiple pairs of swimming trunks/suits, proper restaurant attire (check the website, don't try to "get away" with anything), extra tobacco (if you use any kind), some cash for souvenirs (you can't tip with cash, but giving some candy or some school supplies is really appreciated as they're very expensive in jamaica, though obviously this isn't required), golf items (balls, tees, shoes, clubs) if you plan to golf. I'd also take some things like tylenol, benedryl, aloe spray, etc.

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    I can't think of anything, other than some school supplies, candy or cosmetics (for the staff if you want to), that you wouldn't bring to a trip to the shore. Of course your passport, but Jamaica doesn't demand much else.

    My advice is to not overpack. Our first trip included 3 outfits each per day. We had a pool/beach outfit, casual wear outfit and evening dining outfit, for a total of 21 outfits each. Way, way, way too much. For five days, two bathing suits, a couple of t-shirts for the pool/beach. Pair or two of shorts for when you're not at the pool or beach (you can wear swimsuit at the buffet, but do need a shirt). You can wear evening wear more than once since you will only have it on a for a few hours. I'm a guy, can't advise on shoes other than sandals and shoes for dinner. If you plan on working out, then outfits for that.

    Also, remember you are there 5 days - the first day traveling to, so you are wearing that days clothes, and you are traveling back on the last day.

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    First and foremost I pack my sunscreen. My wife and I will be staying at CTI for the 13th time this June and we never forget our waterbabies SPF 50. The stuff is amazing and will save you some pain and suffering. If you dont wear a hat make sure you even put it on the top of your head. The Jamaican sun can be brutal. Water shoes are a must. $5 at wal-mart. You will definitely need these for the Dunns River tour. It is included in your stay and is a must do. One thing we never miss is the cataraman cruise. Also included but sign up early so as not to miss out. There are many other thing included and which ones you choose is up to you. There is a glass bottom boat ride with Calmore which is nice and he will also take you snorkeling. You will get a sheet at check-in listing all of the daily activities and which ones require reservations and which ones dont. Most dont, all you have to do is show up. If you are at all considering going to Tower Isle, please dont wait until your last day. Almost everyone that does is dissappointed because they waited and realize that they want to go back. The most important must do is to treat the staff with respect. We know most of these people and know how hard they work and how little they are paid. They will see to your every need and do it with a smile on their face.

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