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    Default First time travelling to Jamaica. Heck, first time travelling outside of USA

    Well, my wife and I will be going to CTI in 2 weeks. We will be stayin for 5 days. We books an Superior Ocean Room. Like the title says, this will be our first time to Jamaica and the first time out of the USA.

    I've been trying to do a lof of reading up on CTI to get the feel of it and what to bring and what to expect. We are looking for advice abd tips from people who actually have stayed there.

    So, what is the best advise anyone can give and what defintely to bring and what definitely to do and not to do. Since we are staying there only 5 days, we don't want to miss too much!!

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    Half the clothes you think you are going to need, an extra bathing suit, at least one 'nice/dressy' outfit and the willingness to RELAX!

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