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    Default Tennis equipment at csa

    We are arriving Mid March for 8 nights. Can't wait! we are trying to figure out whether to bring our own tennis racquets or whether the csa equipment is in good shape. any advice?

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    I'm not sure but I plan on bringing my own racquet. But I also plan on playing tennis while on vacation in Florida prior to arriving at CSA.

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    The racquets are acceptable, but not spectacular. We typically don't bother bringing our own, and DH is an accomplished tennis player. (4.0 with a 4.5 serve.) We DO however, bring a can of our own balls, as we have found that the balls they issue are mediocre at best, unless you are playing with one of the pros. It's not worth it for us to take up the room in our luggage with racquets, as the ones provided are well maintained and decent. If you are VERY VERY good or extremely attached to your own or have extra room in your suitcase (ha), go ahead and bring yours. DH DOES bring his own racquetball racquet and balls, though, since he is a total snob with regard to RB.
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    thanks for the info....I think we will save room in our luggage and use the csa equipment. We will throw in a can of balls!

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    The worst problem I have had with using the tennis racquets at any resort in Jamaica, including CSA, has been that the grips on the equipment they loan out tend to be sticky or slippery. Since my wife and I are avid tennis players we tend to take ours, but if we not going to take mine I might plan to tack some overgrips to apply myself. We also take a couple of cans of fresh balls because the balls in the hoppers tend to be heavy, if not flat out wet sometimes and hitting old heavy balls is not fun with our aging elbows!

    One other suggestion: Avid tennis players tend to change racquets to newer frames periodically and the older frames end up collecting dust unless we donate them somewhere. We sometimes take our last tennis racquets with us to Jamaica, use them to play all week since we are used to them and know they are the right size, and then at the end of the week we ask one of the pros to take the racquets and donate them to a youth program in Jamaica.

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    Rhallva, that's one of the best ideas I've heard. Thanks for mentioning the donation idea. You're right...we just "upgraded" to new racquets and have several which would serve us well while on vacation but can be left behind when we leave.

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