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    Default Single digit countdown

    I planned the trip almost 12 months ago and I've read the message boards faithfully since then. I remember seeing this similar post a while ago and thinking "oh that nice" but not truly understanding the excitement in knowing you're only one week away from vay-K!!! Now all I can think is...Oh hurry up and get here 2/17 !

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    We will be at CTI on Feb 18th, where are you staying?

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    Jasnstac1 - We're at CSA and our first trip to Jamaica!

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    OOOOOOOH! You're about to KNOW!!! Yay!!!! Have a blast, pugdog11!

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    Greenbean2 - My hubby and I are super excited, although I woke up yesterday with a miserable head cold. UGH

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    Oh Boy. I'm excited for you! We loved CSA last trip! Do it all!

    MAN I can't wait to be where you are timeline-wise.
    If nothing else works on that cold, Over-proof rum will scare it out of your system to be sure. Just ask for a Bob Marley shot. (Could actually be a real cold cure!)
    Just 71 days 14 hours and 39 minutes for us...but who's counting?

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