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    Default Bringing Jamaican Sand Home To The States

    I would like to bring a small jar of Jamaican Sand home with us after our upcoming trip. Does anybody know the legalities of this? Will Customs stop you? Has anybody seen this, or done this?
    12 more days till CSS!!!!!

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    Bring a small jar and toss it in your checked bag, it will be fine.

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    It is against Jamaica law to take sand from Jamaica. It is against US law to bring it into the states. They will throw you in jail...
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    I have. In a small ziploc bag. Threw it in my checked bag. No one said anything.

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    I have brought home sand in a Ziploc baggie before. I just forgot to mention it to anyone.

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    Sand is on the Customs no-no list as are animals and vegetables. Here's a link to the Declaration Form: Customs will try to stop you if you declare it or they find it. We've not seen anyone try to bring some of Jamaica home in a bottle (except rum, rum cream, etc.). We've always just tried to take Jamaica home in our camera and hearts. Good luck!!

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    Sadly but thankfully a big no no. Customs will stop you and take the sand. Of course, if everyone took home sand there would be no beautiful beaches, right! It is the same in Hawaii. Bad mojo to take the sand away from its island!

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    I very highly doubt that they would let you do this. I know last time we came through Milwaukee customs they specifically asked us if we have any sand. I didn't have any along or I'm sure they would have taken it.
    Lots of people have had trouble with bringing back those hats made out of palm leaves too. I've heard it depends on where you come in through customs. I've not tried that either.

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    Have never seen or done this. However I have to say that the sand that accumulates in our suitcases when I go to unpack I'm sure would fill a little jar.

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    I have about a jar of sand in the bottom of my suitcase when I get home. No need to bring extra

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    I don't know if it's legal or not, but we did it. We took just a very small amount from the spot where we were married at CSS. We packed it in our checked baggage. It now sits in a little glass heart jar with tiny sea shells we've collected from our many trips.

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    Most visitors bring it home in their bathing suits, sneakers, shorts, socks, anything that comes in contact with beach. Under current TSA guidelines, you can be weighed as you leave the US and checked again when you return. They can now calculate the food you consume divided by the number of days and can tell within an ounce or two what you should weigh upon arrival. If you bring back less than 1 ounce of sand, you shouldn't have a problem. Just don't smoke it in the airport.
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    Don't know about customs but I probably bring home at least a cup full in my suitcase just from what's left in my clothes & shoes. That's about how much I sweep up from the laundry room floor anyway, where I dump my laundry out.

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    Thanks everybody!

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    Default It is Illegal to move or bring the sand from Jamaica.

    Please don't bring extra sand home from Jamaica. You will have enough of it in your suitcase anyways. First, it is illegal in both Jamaica and the US and second if everyone did this then there would be none
    left for the beach. It's all about respecting where we are and their ecosystem since it is very fragile.
    Buy a shell from a local diver who feeds his family from the shells he dives for. The white sand from
    "Seven Mile" is actually parrot fish pooping out the dead coral they digest and I think it's funny people are hauling around fish poo It does make great sand castles though!

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    "Bad mojo to take the sand away from its island!"

    Love this greenbean2!

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    Oooops. Better take mine back. Along with shells.

    Life is good

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    We brought a baggie full home a few years ago to put a paperweight together. Just tossed it in our checked luggage and no trouble.

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    One of the best things I have found to keep the sand out of your suitcase is to bring some gallon ziplocs to pack your sandals in. No matter how hard you try you can never get all of the sand out of them before packing.

    Yo Wally, somehow I doubt with the overcrowding of jails and prisons everywhere, bringing sand back is not something people are getting put in jail for. But if it is illegal you shouldn't do it.

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    Ok, I admit we did bring sand & ocean water home in baby food jars in 2001. Put them in our suitcase. They have a permanent spot with our other Couples treasures that we bought. Don't know if I would try this again being how they search your bags now.

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    Default sand

    We just came back from TI last week and we actually brought a small ziplock bag of sand home. It was in the checked suitcase and nothing was ever said to us about it.

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    They sell small trinkets of sand in the gift shop for a reasonable price. I bought small keychains with sand in them, and made my keepsake with them (legal). The airport is even has these trinkets available. Just a way to have it and eat it......

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    As much as I would want to bring back a few special souveneres from Jamaica, I appreciate as much as I can while there and try to return when I can.

    In the words of Arlo Guthrie...Don't check my bag if you please, Mr. Customs Man!

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