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    Default Can you stay up past 10pm while at Couples???

    OK, a different thread got me started thinking on this, and I thought it'd be fun to bring it out in the open...
    Wait? PUT THAT AWAY! You're not on the Isle right now, that's NOT what I was talking about!

    No, I'm talking about the fact that it seems no one can stay up past about 10-11pm while at Couples! When we were there on our first visit just recently, it seemed that despite being on vacation, I was *always* up by about 6am and dead asleep by 11pm every day!

    Is it something in the water?
    Is it the excitement of being in such a wonderful place and not wanting to miss a moment of daylight?
    Is it the wonderful food just filling us up, leading to the usual after a big meal tiredness?

    Or are we just vacation wimps who really need to try getting to the piano bar at CTI next visit?

    It did seem to me that during the day, our "energy" level was much higher than at home, even if we were just sprawled out on a lounger on the Isle, and you can't keep up that kind of energy level for long.

    Any other ideas?
    CTI in 480 days!

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    If I nap and plan for it, I can stay up until 3a. Most nights, we're in bed after showtime.

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    Wow, you stay up all the way until 11:00????? We are dead to the world by 9:30 or 10:00 at the latest. I do think it is in the water.....

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    I am going to make a point to stay up past 2200 every night. I don't want to "WASTE" any time sleeping at CN when I go in April. I am going to drink lots of the Jamaican coffee.

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    I also can never stay up much past 10 or 11 pm. But then my inner time clock has me set that way. The thing is you would think I should be able to at least stay up an extra hour since there is that time change, but NOOO. I think it is the sun and the "adult beverages" (and I don't mean coffee) that makes me extra tired at night. (The wine at supper doesn't help either)

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    I have a motto on vacation - "It's hard to drink all day if you don't start early." That being said, I am a dead man walking by 10 PM. Sun/booze/food all day do that to me every time. I'm up everyday by 7 am getting a coffee and wandering. Wife hits the gym and I hit a Vodka/OrangeJuice. Be at CSA in 42 days to "Drink all Day"

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    I say "yes" to all three of your questions. We do make it to the Piano bar the night they have sing-a-longs at CN, usually 3 nights a week, simply because we love to sing. Those nights we usually last till (gasp) midnight. We pay the price the next day though and really do sleep in an extra hour or so and don't get up till close to 7. The goofy thing, I get up earlier then I do when I am at home.

    I thought it might have something to do with the drinks, but then my wife doesn't drink so I rule that out.

    Must just be the magic of the place.

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    Nope, not us. We were lucky if we made it past dinner.

    We are like you, up at the crack of dawn, early to bed. And when we go to bed, we pass out. I'm usually a "get up at least once to pee" sort of gal but when I hit the bed at Couples I'm out until the sun comes up.

    Too much good stuff...hehe.

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    Jason - I hear ya on this one!!
    I think all of your observations are true!!

    "Is it something in the water?
    Is it the excitement of being in such a wonderful place and not wanting to miss a moment of daylight?
    Is it the wonderful food just filling us up, leading to the usual after a big meal tiredness?"

    and certainly NOT that yall are vacation wimps!

    My husband and I always marvel at the fact that as much as we drink - we're never hungover at Couples, and as much as we're "on the go" and enjoying all the activities, we're never tired at Couples (although it's rare if we're up past 11pm!!)

    34 days til CN

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    Well, Jason, personally speaking, I am a wimp. After all day on the island, with a fair amount of liquid refreshment, okay a lot of liquid refreshment, followed by just a bit of down time from 5-7, by the time 10:00 o'clock rolls around, I'm beat.
    We too get up by 6:00, stand on the balcony for just a bit sighing and taking it all in, followed by a quick dip in the ocean then breakfast.
    Most nights we are gone by ten. And I know that we aren't alone. We hardly ever go into the piano bar, it is usually to cold. But we may have some alone time in the room. That's a great way to end the day.

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    Sun fun and booze, and I hate to admit it but I'm no spring chicken any more!

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    We did stay up pretty late, every night well after midnight....but

    We usually slept until 9am (on beach by 10)

    And then always got some zzzzzs late in afternoon before dinner - but we eat dinner late (at home and on vacation). We'd lay down for a nap around 5 and set alarm for 630/7, then get up, get ready, go have drinks, and eat around 830/9

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    That is soo funny. We were at CSA last april for our honeymoon and I had the same problem. I thought something was wrong with me. It could be the fact you start drinking about 9 or 10 in the morning, so by about 10pm you are jus done. I am hopeing to improve my preformance this year.

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    I can only answer that on some nights we can, we usually do on casino nights at CN, couple of the dance nights in the piano bar, but as you say most nights in the sack 10-10:30ish, and yes we are on our terrace every morning 6 o'clock having coffee.

    I would rather have it this way as it gives you more time to enjoy Jamaica during your waken hours not sleep late, can do that anywhere. Also the fact that my wide looks so amazing all day and all night 10PM is a good time to start to snuggle!!!!!

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    I also get up at 6:00 am when at Couples, that is, if I can sleep that long. I normally get up at 4:30. As for 11:00, that only comes once a day for me anyway. Nothing lethargic about our vacation, other than being so relaxed we don't schedule much of anything anymore. We just take the day as it comes.

    Still 281 days until we are back home...
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    LOL Jason! I understand! For me, I think it's a combo of being in the sun all day, yummy drinks and awesome dinners. We pointedly stayed up later a few nights when were there last just so we WEREN"T up at 6-7am and cashed out by 10p. Either way - it's a GREAT time!

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    Hi Those from the USA and Canada have it easy. :-) Us brits have a 5 hour time difference to cope with. So at 10 pm at night our bodies think its 3 am in the morning. We take off from the UK at 12 midday, sit in a plane for 10 hours and its only 5 pm when we arrive. 10 days to go 1st time at Couples.Minus 5 here snow forecast this weekend so really looking forward to it!!

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    Glad it isn't just us....LOL

    I swear I sleep like a baby with a full belly and a dry diaper when I am on vacation! I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings and can barely stay awake until 10PM.

    It doesn't matter if we are with a group of by ourselves. I really am struggling by 9PM regardless of the time I get up or if we are on the go all day or sand gravity takes over. I don't drink alcohol at all when I am home. I DO have some "adult beverages" while on vacation

    Maybe it is just the fact that we are starting to show our age? I can remember when I was in my mid twenties partying from Thursday nights to Sunday nights with maybe 4 hours of sleep every week. One night in particular we were out until 3AM then had to be back at the Hospital for surgery at 6AM. I will NEVER forget that my friend who was doing the surgery was NOT drinking but he was tired. Even he says he cannot do that type of stuff anymore.....back then it was "normal".

    It sucks getting more "mature"

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    I'm all about being out in the sun and doing my partying during the day; 15 more days!!!

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    After reading some of the posts, I feel better. I knew that we were not the only ones to hit the sack early. Well, at least by ten. And that's only if there is good entertainment at nine. We know it isn't the water, we hardly ever drink any. But the orange juice and pineapple juice are the culprits. Of course it doesn't help that I add just a touch, yah right, of Absolute.
    Now most years, well okay, all the years that we have been going to CTI, we also indulged in some of Jamaica's finest herb. That also led to our downfall. Got really tired. This will be the first year out of 16 that we, well I probably, I hope it's we though, will pass on the local crop. Should make for an interesting two weeks.

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    THANK GOD!! I'm so glad to find out that is caused by drinking and eating all day and the sun going down so early. We thought we were getting old. We will be back home to CSS in 21 days, and we plan to try to stay up after dinner this time. Maybe try the SSB hot tub....

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    OK I just have to say this. it is Perfectly fine if you don't stay up late. There is no Stay Up Late Police. you are not a wimp if you go to bed before midnight. If you are like most couples there, you have had a busy, fun, crazy, fun
    And more fun day every day. Remember, the rule is There are no rules.

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    my grandmother use to say "bwoy come out the sun before it drunk yuh" lol the jamaican weather has a way of making you feel wasted when the sun goes down, even if you dont do much. add the alcohol to this and its night night lol

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    Well... we are up most evenings till at least 11 as mrs. dirtleg loves to stay at Palms till the nightly entertainment is over. We will usually grab a drink to take back to our room if we don't head up to the Aura lounge to see if anything is going on. Sometimes the lounge is dead, other times they are just getting going about midnight. Latest we have been up is probably about 3 AM, though only a on a few occasions. Most nights we are in bed by 11:30 or so, maybe a little earlier if we had a particularly active day. That said, we are not usually asleep till well after midnight. But the details for that not for sharing on the message board suffice to say it is what we go to Jamaica for, other than the beach.

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