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    Default Free internet at csa??????

    is there free internet at csa????? do u have it in your room??? please help out cause the wife is not happy if there not internet.

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    All Couples resorts have free Internet access from the Internet cafe with free computers. WIFI is also provided
    thruout the resort with certain areas stronger then then others. Wifi service in the guest rooms inconsistent

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    Hi! We just left CSA & there is wifi. You ask the front desk for a login & it's good for 7 days. we stayed 2 weeks so I had to get anothr code for the 2nd week-it's NO PROBLEM. The manager Mr Bowleg, told me they just 'boosted' the power on the wifi. I checked email from my porch at least 2-3 times a day. Hope you & your wife enjoy your vacation-we certainly did!

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    Would the wifi work on the beach? my fiance is dreaming of listening to cardinals baseball games on his phone on the beach when we're there in April....

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    Default Seems to work everywhere

    I have used my iPad everywhere at csa (am typing this now on my casa verandah) and the signal is good to fair 90% of the time.

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    When we were there in October, I noticed some relatively new AP's in the beach area... I think they're expanding it in an effort to improve it resort-wide.

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