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    Default CN- Couples Negril advice & tips

    well i havent booked my wedding yet but i dont plan to till 2013!!! any ideas,tips,advice etc. i caould use anything really! im going for a couples retreat feel kinda.. we want it to be me,him and 2-3 other couples to join us as guests!

    -what all do you think ill need extra money for?
    -do you have to pay to get your hair styled and get makeup done at the resort?
    -how to schedule the photography and set it all up,do i have options??
    - how is sunset wedding?
    -do you have a un invited audience during the ceremony on the beach?
    -can you tell me more about the music for ceremony and/or reception? can we play our own,if so how that works out?
    - tips about videographers?
    - how should i go about planning my flight etc!!
    -can i bring my own bouquets etc.?

    just anything please i need HELP! lol.........

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    Hi Mrshills,

    Sorry no one has answered your questions yet. I can't either, but you might get some answers if you click on the COUPLES MESSAGE BOARD INDEX link at the top of this page, scroll down to the WEDDINGS section, and post your wedding questions there.

    However, I can say this about CN - we've been 8 times. That should say something, as there are many, many repeaters to the resort. It's a small resort in comparison to the others along the beach. It's not a glitzy, marble resort, but more of a casual atmosphere. Sure, you'll have some people watch your wedding from a respectful distance, especially if it's on the beach.

    Hope a wedding expert can help out.

    Beergirl for my Couples videos

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