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    Default garden verandah suite...?

    We are newcomers to CSA. We travel in mid March to CSA. We have a garden verandah suite booked. Are these the same as a garden suite? I understand these are along the road. Is there a better building to stay in to get away from the road noise? Also, is there differences between the new and old section in the GVS's? Thanks to anyone who can guide us to a great suite.

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    The garden suites on the older side of the resort have been converted to gveranda suites,(minibars and TVs). We have stayed in this catagory twice. The road noise has never been an issue for us as the verandas face the beach. The door you enter and the bathroom windows are on the road side so just keep those closed. I liked both rooms and wouldn't hesitate to book it again. It's Swept Away after all.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I read somewhere that if you get a corner suite, you will have shuttters behind the bed. This sounds nice. What floor would you recommend. Would you recommend the older section, or the newer section. The older section looks like it has more foliage between the units and the road.

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    Both are great. The older section is near the Palms and the new is beside Patios. By Patios is the main beach and swim up bar. By the Palms is the sports hut and sea grapes. The new section has a bath tub the old only a shower. Everything is the same. You mostly will not see tyhe ocen but it is a few steps away and you have much more privacy the beach front. WE loved our room and prefer it over any. There are some near the koi pong which are very lush

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    I can't remember about the shutters. Those might just be on the atrium and veranda catagories, I'm not positive. I've only stayed in the first floor for the garden vs and it was very convenient. The upper floors you would have more privacy and you could sleep with the veranda doors open which we loved in the bfvs catagory. We tend to spend more time on the newer side of the resort so I guess we would prefer the newer garden verandas . The newer side has a wall also besides foliage so noise for us wasn't an issue. It's probably all the sun, fun and booze. If you would like some pix, feel free to email me at

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    Our garden suite had shutters and glass. No windows opened except the doors. We prefered to stay in the older section of the resort. It is whatever pleases you the best. You could sty in the middle and be close to everything

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    Thanks for your help. We may have no choice where we stay as we get in on a Sunday and the resort is pretty full.

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    Kilbetfent we've stayed in the Ocean Verandah, Garden Verandah (older section) and the newer Garden Verandah suites. The road noise has never been an issue with any of the rooms. Of course on occasion you'll hear a car speed by with music blaring but it's just for a few seconds. With the door and windows closed it's not disturbing. As soon as you sit down at the reception desk ask if your assigned room is on the Greathouse (newer) side or the Palms (older) side. If you're on the older side ask for a room change onto the newer side. You might have to spend a night on the older side but the change is well worth it. The rooms on the newer side, for us anyway, are much nicer and have a more open view from the verandah with a possible beach view. In December we had a first floor room right in front of the small koi pond and it was awesome. In the morning we had our continental breakfast tray delivered on the verandah and loved sitting there to start the day. We left the room out of the verandah door most times and didn't have to use a key unless the maid locked the door on us. The older side has true GARDEN views that to us seemed too confining. Also make sure that you have a few lunches at Seagrapes Cafe on the beach. We ate there most days and really enjoyed the sweet potato chips/dip, veggie burgers and fish tacos. Any other questions just drop us an e-mail and we'd be glad to help. Anyway, no matter what room you get you'll enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA.

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    Thanks Steve for the input. This has made things much clearer. In aerial views of CSA it does look like the older side has more foliage and the newer side is more open. Did you use the spa very much? My husband loves sauna's and steam rooms. Does CSA have both?

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    Hi there - you are going to love CSA! I think the older side does have a little more foliage but it is all gorgeous. We've only ever stayed on the newer side as the garden suites hadn't yet been converted to GVS in May 2010.

    We've used the spa both times we've gone and I haven't found any comparison. We did a couples massage on our cruise last year for our honeymoon and when we were done, we both agreed the couples massage at CSA was 10x better! It smells so good when you step into the reception area. I'm not sure about a sauna but both women's and men's locker rooms have a steam room - hubby loves it!

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