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Thread: Library at CSS?

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    Default Library at CSS?

    I don't want to waste valuable suitcase weight on books. When at CN they had a small library in the games room. Does CSS have this as well?

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    Same thing at CSS. Last month during a CSS/CN split trip, my wife's Kindle stopped working, so she got a book from the CSS libtrary and left it in the CN library the next week. Both are very small, but she managed to find a book that was of interest to her.

    It's in the internet/games room at CSS right next to the lobby.
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    There is a library in the games room at CSS. I didn't see much in my preferred genres, but they had a decent mix, Romance novels, nonfiction, etc.

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    Yes, they do. Just around the corner from the Lobby in the TV/Game/Computer Room. I don't know about their selection.
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    Yes, there is a small library at CSS in the computer room near the lobby. I've borrowed and left many books at CSS. Will be there March 20-27.

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    I just posted a similar question to this about CSA. Does anyone know if CSA has a library?

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    yes it does upstairs in Lemongrass

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    It's always nice to pay it forward and bring/leave any old books you no longer want at the resort

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