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    Default CSS for Honeymoon - First trip - Advice wanted

    Headed to CSS at the end of April / beginning of May. Just wanted some advice on things to be sure not to miss.

    We are booked for a Beachfront suite... any building better than the other? Do we want a ground floor room or an upper one? Upon arrival or pre-checkin can we ask for a certain accommodations?

    Thanks in advance for any advice y'all can provide.


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    First and foremost - congratulations on your wedding!! You have picked a wonderful resort for your honeymoon! We have been to CSS 4 times, and going back for our 5th in April. We have lots of tips and recommendations, but way too much to write on the message board. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to, and we'll send you all of the info, along with some pictures.

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    bumping up.

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    We are going to CSS for our honeymoon on May 20 - 26 and it will also be our first time there and our first time ever to Jamaica. I'd also like tips and advice!

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    Congratulations on your wedding! We have been to CSS 4 times and are heading back for trip number 5 in July! You could not have picked a better resort for your honeymoon! As for the Beachfront Suites, they are in buildings A and B. They are the only rooms that have jacuzzi bathtubs and are closest to the Main Pool, the Lawn, and the Beach Bar and Grill. The balconies/patios are smaller--they only have two chairs and a small table, but you don't have to deal with any stairs unless you are heading for the lobby or the Balloon Bar. If you want direct access to the Main Pool and textile beach, a first floor room would be best. But be aware that there is a path that goes right by the first floor rooms of both buildings so privacy could be an issue. As for making a specific request for a building or room, you will need to wait until check in.

    I hope this helps!

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

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    I think the other posts covered the room Q, so I will give you a little input on the "what not to miss". You didn't mention how long your trip is, but I am guessing around 7 days. I think doing the Dunn's River tour (climb up the waterfall) is a blast. Take a waterproof camera (the disposables work well) and some cash for the guides and they will take some cute candids of the two of you. They are some of my favorite photos from our first trip to CSS. The trip is also included in your Couples so no extra cost (aside $5-10 for tips or $15-30 for the video DVD of your climb if you want to buy it from the guides). There are other excursions you can book at the desk in the lobby once you arrive, but don't overbook your trip. We did enjoy the Mystic Mountain zipline/bobsled/canopy tour, but it was pricey and took us away from the resort for the whole day. Take a look at the flyers and you'll be able to balance $/what you want to do.
    Take the resort tour (5pm and 10am usually starting from the lobby area). It helps get you oriented and shows you some ways to get from place to place. If you are into watersports, you'll need to sign up for snorkeling, SCUBA, waterskiing, etc at least a day in advance at the hut by the beach (this is also where you exchange towels). Other things not to miss: check out the grotto and the hot tub tucked into the trees over by the mineral pool, mix up you lunch choices, from the beach bar to sit down at Pallazina, you can't go wrong. We keep meaning to do breakfast on the balcony, but the buffet in the morning has the best made-to-order omelet etc station!
    But leave all that aside, relax doing what it is that you decide calls to you: lounging by the pool, floating in the ocean, chilling at the bar or having a spa treatment. Best wishes for your wedding and I hope you both love CSS!

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