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    Default snorkeling at CSS

    How many different spots do they take you snorkeling at CSS. We were there for only 4 days last summer and made it to the sunken ship one. How many different sites do they take you too, and which ones are the best? How does the snorkeling compare to the Negril side? All opinions welcome.

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    Any one???

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    When we were at CSS in 2009, they took us to two different snorkeling spots - one was the sunken boat. The other was a reef towards Ochi that was fairly close to shore. It was a fairly nice reef and in much shallower water than the shipwreck. We've also been to CSA, and the snorkeling is pretty much the same. Neither one is the Great Barrier Reef, but the coral is looking healthier these days.

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    Thanks for answering my question Bob and Judy. Good to know that there is another location other than the sunken ship, although that was very cool.

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