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    Default Honeymoon - advice

    We are planning on visiting Couples for our honeymoon in May. We had been originally leaning towards CN but we like the additional room choices at CSA. Which resort is better suited for a honeymoon? We are looking for a laid back, relaxing, romantic, private (when desired) honeymoon with activities when we choose to partake. Any suggestions? I have read reviews about the Atrium suites at CSA but I am concerned about noise without windows. Can you hear everything people are doing when they walk by your room and likewise can they hear everything you are doing in your room? I just want everything to be perfect and do not want to realize on the first night that the noise level is too high. We do love the hammock and look of the rooms though. I also just found out that I have the option of booking a BFVS for around 500 more over 6 nights. I have seen that these rooms are right on the sand and look to have amazing views. I know this is a personal opinion but are they worth the extra money for a extra special trip? Any noise issues? I know there will be more people walking by due to their location but I'm thinking of noise at night / sleep issues. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! We are very excited to visit one of these great resorts!!

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    If you are expecting perfect, you are expecting too much and will be disapointed. If you will settle for the best vacation of your life, any Couples resort will do just fine!
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