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    Default Just back from Swept Away

    We just got back home from 7 glorious days. We have never travelled anywhere so this was a 1st for us.
    We fell in love with Jamaica from the plane The shuttle bus ride was horrible and we will never do that again. It was 1 1/2 hours long over very bumpy roads. We would actually lift off our seats over bumps. Felt like horseback riding. I have a very bad back and neck issue so i was in much pain on the ride. My hubby was actually scared of the driving there. SO many near misses!

    The resort was the most beautiful we had ever seen. It was heaven on earth. We had a garden room and had no issue what so ever. We loved it more than the beach rooms. WE sat in such lushness and had privacy on our deck. Loved the coffee on our deck in the mornings. And the chocolate donuts before our "main" breakfast. The omelets were delicious. We loved the Palms restaurant and mostly ate there. Did not care for the Thai food at Lemongrass but we tried it. Feathers was amazing. My hubby had the best beef tenderloin. I ate so much snapper last week i am starting to grow gills
    The pineapple, guava, and bananas were the best in the world. Wish we could get them here.
    We were disappointed the pools were cold and nobody used them. Seemed a waste.
    We never wanted for anything here. We had our fill of great food and drinks and water.
    The romance that is here is only to be experienced you cannot describe it. My hubby and i felt like teens again. We smiled all day long. We watched amazing shows at night. And danced wiht each other every night. Our last breakfast on the SUnday was the most amazing. We were in the Palms and they had a alto sax playing such relaxing music. All i did was sigh with contentement.
    I cried when we came home that is how good Swept Away is. Everyone should experience it.

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    Thanks for the great review. We love CSA too! It's the beautiful and romantic place I have ever been.

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    If you think the ride was terrible now, it's a good thing you didn't go a few years ago when the roads were really bad!

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    We are supposed to be there in 28 days!!! Cannot wait! Loved your review!!!

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    Thanks for the review! We leave on Friday for our first trip to Jamaica and CSA!

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    As they say, "Once you go, you know"!

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    this was our 1st trip to Jamaica also. As soon as you see the island from the plane you will be wowed!
    We feel in love as soon as our feet hit the ground. It was a week over sensory overload so much to take it.
    Our senses were tuned to every sound, smell (u can smell the ocean), and warmth from the sun and the people. I am so jealous of you are who are soon to leave. Enjoy and eat all the fruit it is amazing

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    The pinapple is the BEST. I eat it every meal. Can't wait. Jamaica soon come.

    Life is good

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    Thank you so much for the review! My fiance and I will be going there July 15-22 for our honeymoon and i am very excited! To tell you the truth though, I do have to admit that I am a little nervous about going in the middle of July. This will be our first trip to Jamaica, so I am not quite sure what to expect.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post your review. I saw on another post that you were looking for Bob's Sabres hat! That is so cute. Everytime we'd meet a new couple I'd ask if they were from Toronto. That is funny about the snapper. It seems like I ate snapper at least once a day. I couldn't get enough of the fish tacos at Sea Grape. I really felt bad about the lounger situation the week you were there since I had told you that it's not normally a problem. I don't know what the heck was going on that week, but that is the worst that I have ever seen it. I hope that you saw that by that Saturday it was much easier to get a lounge chair. The following week it was very easy, too, at any time of the day.

    Wasn't the music at breakfast at the Palms just wonderful?

    I'm glad that you enjoyed CSA. I need to write a short review, too. But suffice it to say that we loved everything and thought the service was the best that it has ever been.

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