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    Default Honeymoon - CSA - BFVS or Atrium?

    We are trying to finalize some decisions about our honeymoon in May. We had been originally looking to book at Couples Negril but as of late Swept Away's more varied room choices have almost won us over. I have read great review of the Atrium suites but I am a little concerned about noise from people walking by or people being able to hear everything we say or do in our room. Is this a valid concern? With it being our honeymoon, I want everything to be perfect. I would have to get an Atrium for 6 nights then find out that the noise is bothersome. I have the option of booking a BFVS for an additional 500 for the week. I know these rooms are located basically on the beach. I know this is a personal opinion but are the BFVS's worth the extra money? The views look great! Also, how is the noise in that area? I know there will be more people walking by because of its proximity to the beach. The BFVS do have glass and not just screens in the windows ..correct? Once again thanks for any advice or help!

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    First off, I recommend booking ASAP as May fills up fast! Last year, we waited until February to book our May honeymoon, and only GVS was available.

    That being said, I now love GVS, going back this May in a GVS, and will always stay in GVS if I can stay an extra day or two at the resort. For us, staying longer beats any view.

    Either room you pick, it will be perfect. I personally dont think extra money is worth the view, but I am sure others will disagree. Its really up to each individual person what is worth what.

    Once you select room cat, you will have no control over what room/building, and that's where the variables can come in. You could be on any floor, close to noise, far from walking path, etc. My advice: dont worry about this, the resort is better than any I have been to and at the end of day the experiences you remember and cherish, will have nothing to do with the room (well, maybe a few

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    We love the atrium suite. While there is no glass on the outside windows there are heavey wooden shutters that once shut block out most noise. Only thing we heard were the tree frogs. And the Atriums are the only rooms with hammocks. If it was us we would book the atrium and use the $500 savings for one more night. Any room at couples is a good room.

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    Atrium Atrium Atrium. Lovely rooms. Personally, I think you get more privacy in the Atrium rooms because people aren't constantly walking by your patio. We didn't notice any noise coming from the other rooms at all. I don't think the extra money is worth it because you don't seem to be in your room that much anyway. But, the Atrium rooms have the best BIG patio with a relaxing hammock.

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