I am an avid and seasoned traveler but a virgin to the great island of Jamaica (just about the last place in the Carribean left to discover).

My question: When is the "busy" season for CSA? I realize that with the fabulous reputation they have I can imagine that they are pretty much busy year round but didn't know if there were times when they were let's say just below capacity? I know the holidays and winter are the hot dates for any place in the sun. How about summer--June to be specific? I have been in the Carribean several times in the summer and found that a lot of places are usually a little less crowded than they are from late fall to early spring.

I just didn't know if the snorkeling/diving/resturants would be booked to capacity each day like they are in the winter (peak times?) and if this "oh so terrible" lounge chair war would still be going on