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    I am an avid and seasoned traveler but a virgin to the great island of Jamaica (just about the last place in the Carribean left to discover).

    My question: When is the "busy" season for CSA? I realize that with the fabulous reputation they have I can imagine that they are pretty much busy year round but didn't know if there were times when they were let's say just below capacity? I know the holidays and winter are the hot dates for any place in the sun. How about summer--June to be specific? I have been in the Carribean several times in the summer and found that a lot of places are usually a little less crowded than they are from late fall to early spring.

    I just didn't know if the snorkeling/diving/resturants would be booked to capacity each day like they are in the winter (peak times?) and if this "oh so terrible" lounge chair war would still be going on

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    If you look at their rates, that will pretty much coincide with their busy season, highest rates busiest time. Lowest rates, least business. We are heading to CSA in October, cheapest time because of hurricane season.

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    I think if you look at the US Rates page on this site, you can get an idea. Obviously the more expensive, the more in demand the resort is.

    That being said, when we went to CSA last May every day of our trip they were at full capacity. We never experienced getting turned away from anything. In fact, many of our dinner reservations or cat cruise reservation were done day of or day prior.

    I was on beach by 10am every day and NEVER had issue with a chairs. Right infront of bar. In spot under palm trees/partial shade.

    I am so confident of all this, I am going back this May and I'm sure they will be full again.

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    June can be a bit busy with wedding and honeymoons. But we have never felt it was to crowed.

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    We just got back Jan.30th - Feb 6th and it was very busy. Had to do the chair thing at 6:30a.m We were told the resort was full. And some days you could not snorkle due to it being full, same with cruise and glass bottom boat.

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