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    In June 2002, we stayed at an all inclusive for our 10th anniversary in Playa del Carma Mexico.
    Each evening the beach and resort were overrun with crabs. To our surprise , we found out it was crab mating season.

    Can anyone tell us if that is also crab mating season in Jamaica in June?

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    maybe not crab mating season...

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    Saw a few crabs here and there at CSA in June but not over run. On a side note I believe it is lobster's mating season. You wont see any around the resort or on the menu.

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    Last June at CSA, we saw maybe one or two crabs at night on the beach. There was also one hanging out on the steps up to the Great House. It's definitely not overrun with them, but you'll see one here and there.

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    When we visited CSA in July 2008, we saw A LOT of crabs every night. They're more afraid of you than you are of them, so they quickly skitter away as you near them.
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