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    Default Advice for Our January 2013 CTI Wedding!


    My fiancé, Justin, and I recently celebrated our third anniversary together. We became best friends while running side by side on our Cross Country team in high school, and we began dating during my final year. Since then, we've nearly finished our undergraduate studies in perfect unison, and we are excited to begin our careers in education. We know that we ‘novices’ to life, but we have discovered a love that’s so trusting and simple and beautiful together, and we are certain of our desire to marry.

    We’ve chosen to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony for the two of us on our four-year anniversary, which is January 7th of 2013, at Couples Tower Isle, at 11:00 a.m. And we’ve already figured out a number of the details. I’ve got my dress, he’s got his suit, and we are slowing acquiring all the additional accessories. We booked our stay at the resort along with the specific wedding date and time, we ordered the passports, and we hired a wonderful photographer. We have decided on traditions to include in our wedding day, as well as artistic ways to personalize the event furthermore, and we’ve even created delicate handmade announcements to notify our family and friends of our joyous news upon our return.

    But I’ve got a few questions still, and I’d love to avoid bugging the stateside wedding planner further, though she has provided exceptional help thus far. Please, feel free to share your ideas with us; we will appreciate any advice we can get!

    - Airfare -

    We still need to order our plane tickets. We plan to fly out of the Charlotte, NC airport - Douglas (CLT) to Montego Bay, Jamaica - Sangster Intl (MBJ). Our travel dates are January 4th, 2013, to January 11th, 2013. Any suggestions regarding when to order our tickets? We could order them as soon as possible for a reasonable price, but aren’t there oftentimes last-minute deals on flights to Jamaica? Is there any risk involved with waiting to order? Also, should we plan to arrive at the airport as early as possible to get to Couples as early as possible, or does Couples only offer one shuttle per day at a set time?

    - Location -

    Could anyone provide us with pictures or some other form of reference about the locations where weddings can take place with the One Love wedding package at Couples Tower Isle? I’ve been informed that you can get married under a temporary structure on the beach, under a gazebo of sorts in the gardens, and I’ve even heard of couples getting married at the Bayside restaurant…? Details would be great - I’d like to make some simple decorations to use with the site, and if we can confidently choose our location in advance, that will be immensely helpful.

    - Miscellaneous -

    Justin and I planned to get the basic bouquet and boutonnière in the white orchids. Does anyone have pictures of what that looks like? What about floral ceremony site décor? I’d love to know what is considered ‘standard,’ so I can determine whether to splurge on additional decoration.

    Does anyone have a recording of the “traditional” music that Couple’s will provide for the ceremony if you don’t supply a CD of your own?

    Will the resort provide the serveware for the small reception following the ceremony?

    Are wedding cake samples offered when the wedding consultation takes place, or do we decide blindly?

    The twenty-five minute couples’ massage, which is included in the One Love wedding package - Can that occur on the wedding day? I think that would be a great pre-wedding event to calm our nerves, or a post-wedding event to…well, calm our nerves! Is it just a matter of scheduling with the spa?

    Those are the only questions I can think of right now. As I said, please, do not hesitate to provide suggestions, tips, ideas…Everything we learn increases our enthusiasm. And thank you, in advance, for contributing.

    Sydney (And Justin!)

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    Hello Sydney and Justin and congratulations! We don't know the answers to all your questions but will give as much advice as we can and hope others will add to it.

    On the question of airfare...from our experience in travel the price goes up the closer you get to the travel date. You probably won't save much by waiting and may even spend more. Our advice is to book the tickets now to reduce the stress later. Also, Couples has many shuttles each day but get there as early as you can so you'll have more time to enjoy it.

    We've only been to CTI once, but will be heading back again in 62 days. We've got some pictures but not of places where weddings can take place. One area, in addition to those you listed, is in the grass area west of the swim-up pool with an overlook of the ocean.

    Yes, the resort provides everything for the small reception following the ceremony. We weren't offered any samples of the wedding cakes so just chose blindly based on the flavor we thought best and weren't disappointed.

    We did the 25 minute massage on the morning of our wedding to relax us for the day ahead. We felt that was a good idea.

    We're hopeful that others will springboard on what we've started and give you lots of good info/advice as you prepare for your wedding day and visit to CTI.

    Best Wishes,

    Bart & Bug
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    Hi Sydney and Justin,

    First things first -- woosaw! Relax and take a deep breath. You have a lot of good questions and fun decisions coming your way, and a lot of time left to decide. Resist the urge to have everything planned out ASAP. Once it's all planned, there's not much left to do but wait, and waiting is the hardest part! Of course, if you are the type that is more comfortable once everything is set in stone, then disregard me.

    Airfare: You can buy tickets starting around 9-11 months prior to the departure date. I've been checking ticket prices for our trip ever since they went on sale, but have yet to buy any. (We are traveling in early July 2012, flying out of Raleigh, NC.) Many people say that you should buy them as early as possible because that's when prices are lowest. In my experience, this simply hasn't been the case. We have 4.5 months until we leave and prices are inching down every week, so I think we'll be booking soon.

    --Unless there's a weekend sale, prices are lowest Tuesday-Thursday.
    --If you find tickets for less than $500 per person, round trip, that is a reasonable price.
    --Arrive as early as possible. Shuttles run all day long.
    --Check out, great site and easy to navigate.

    Location: We're going to Couples Negril, so I'm no help to you here. I think the resort wedding planner would take care of putting up decorations if you brought them.

    Misc: Resort planner would probably be able to tell you what standard music is provided if you emailed her. I'm 95% sure the resort provides serverware for the reception. No idea about the cakes. The resort wedding planner can take care of scheduling your massages, or you may be able to schedule them yourselves when you arrive.

    Hope some of this info helped. I have yet to visit the resort myself so a lot of this info has been gleaned from other posts on the message board. Hopefully others will chime in with more info. Congrats and good luck


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