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    This is a question for those of you who have been married at couples...

    We have a wedding scheduled at CTI on 4/19/12, we are in the process of determining if we want to upgrade from the free wedding or just add the things that we want to the free wedding. What did you guys do, what do you think would be a better option and why?

    We are kind of hung up because the upgrade packages have some things that we don't want and doesn't have things that we would like, so we would need to add some things anyway.

    Any input would be appreciated,

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    we had the "old" package but were just married 10-4-11 our only upgrade were blue orchids I brought everything else I wanted with me and the took care of everything. we were at CSS but after our experience I imagine CTI to be the same. Just ask for what you want and in our experience most of our request were free we even had a special cake and wow was it beautiful (no charge). ask and they will work with you, couples is fabulous.

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    We took the free package and just added what we wanted.

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    We also took the free package and added to it. The only thing we added was an upgraded bouquet. Basically we did the free wedding and it was beautiful!

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    I was married at CSA. We took the free package and the only thing I upgraded was my bouquet. I didn't think we needed to waste the money on elaborate flowers, decor, etc. since it was just us and one other couple. Most of the upgrades were IMO, too over priced. Good luck!

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    I am in the same boat- we are getting married 5/5/12 at CTI and we are definitely getting the free package. Some of the extras we are considering are a band to play music for the cake and champagne mini-reception and an upgraded bouquet. Our colors are purple and turquoise so I'm hoping for the same blue orchids that @LRisley had. (Any pictures of these??? )

    How many guests are you having @Tyler17635? When we first started planning our wedding, we thought it would just be us, but the more people we told, and after sending our save-the-dates, everyone wanted to come join us! We couldn't tell anyone no, so now the extra $15 per person above 8 guests (10 including us) is an unknown until our RSVP date. We also wanted to have dinner together, but we couldn't afford a true reception. Hopefully CTI can accommodate a party of ~20 in one of the restaurants?

    Another extra we are considering is a photographer. It's hard to justify spending the money for an off-site photographer ($500 just to bring them on property) but I haven't been able to find much information about the on-site CTI photographer. My fiance thinks our friends and family taking pictures should be enough, but I'm worried they won't capture all the intimate moments and that we won't have amazing wedding photos. I did, however, find a photographer (Brian N.) that will pick us up and do a 2 hour portrait session off-property for $400. He said he would take us around to neat places in Ocho Rios instead of staying at CTI.

    There are just so many decisions to make, and we only have 6 months to go. Is anyone doing or did anyone have decorations for the ceremony (chair hangings or fans) or mini-reception (things on the cake table)? I'm wondering if we should have decorations for the dinner table (if they can accommodate a larger party) as well. What about wedding favors for the guests? I saw someone on the message boards made cute little canvas totes for their guests with travel necessities and goodies. Any thoughts on these?

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    you had other couples there with you, how that tryna do the same!

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