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    Default CTI next week !!!!

    We are headed to cti next week (wed) !!! This is our first couples visit and second trip to jamaica and we can't wait ! Wanted to check in and see if anyone else will be there with us.

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    Hello Bugmomma - We'll be there on Tuesday... Third Couples Visit - 8th time in JA. We love the people and the Island Vibe. Can't wait to "come home"!!! C u on Wednesday... Peace!

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    Yeay! We are also sort of from the philly area, from allentown. Really looking forward to the trip ! I'm petite with short brown hair and a little baby bump keep an eye out for us

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    I'm short too with medium length reddish brown hair - middle aged and my hubby has a silver goat-tee. Hope to meet up - I'm a grandmom and love babies..... congrats!

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