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    Default CN nature walk footwear

    Trying to pack light but we are interested in the nature walk listed in the activities. We are looking for advice from anyone who has done this as to how sturdy the shoes have to be. Mainly wondering if sneakers are needed or if beach shoes or slip ons would work.

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    Its a walk around the grounds with one of the gardeners, so flip flops will be fine. Obviously it depends who is giving it, but it is usually very interesting,

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    The entire thing was on sidewalks that wind through the property when we did it a while back. Sneakers or beach shoes or slip ons would all work.

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    It's just a tour around the property by one of the gardeners explaining all the tropical plants to you so beach shoes or flip flops are fine. It's a nice tour we have done at CSA and CTI as well.
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    We wore our flip flops. They just take you around the grounds.

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    I was at CN last year but I didn't know there was a nature walk. This sounds like something I would be really interested in. More information?

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    I have walked it in, flip flops, tennis shoes and bare foot. Just around the grounds most of the time on the sidewalk.

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    Say hello to Charlton, head gardener. He is so knowledgeable and the most fascinating hour spent. Say thank you and how much you love the grounds and you will get the biggest smile!

    Shoes, whatever you want to wear, fit flops were fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JULSWH View Post
    Say hello to Charlton, head gardener. ...
    We saw him while there 3 weeks ago and he said that he no longer leads the Nature Walk. We've done it before but not this trip.
    He said that after 16 years (or some similar number) at his prior resort plus 11 years at CN, it was time to let someone else lead the weekly walk.

    I agree though that if you see him you should compliment him on the grounds. He (and his team) keep it in great shape.

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    Oh rudi, i'm sorry to hear Charlton is no longer doing the walk, last time we were there they were shooting the new website and brochure pictures and he loved riding the tractor up and down the beach, I guess he found a new favourite, but he is lovely and please folks, if you do see him, make sure you speak, he is quite shy but will talk about the grounds with great passion.

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