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    Default This may be a silly question..

    Do CN and CSA go to the same places to snorkel? My boyfriend and I will be taking our first trip out of the country and to CSA in Nov. If we can swing it we may add a few more days and was considering checking out CN.
    Was also curious if my phone roaming or updating would be an issue in Jamaica. I just don't want to come home to an enormous phone bill for nothing.
    I have also read in some threads on ta that sea urchins can be an issue? Should we bring water shoes? I would also love to see a dolphin in the wild.... I know that this is not something that can not be guaranteed but is there anywhere near CSA that this would be more likely? Thank you for all your help.

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    I can't answer your snorkeling question but I would leave your phone off once you get to Jamaica just to be on the safe side.

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    We were there in October and went off the resort to eat at Ivans. While there we saw a dolphin swimming around right around sunset. It was surreal and probably the most beautiful and amazing few minutes of all of our trips.

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    I remember CN's snorkeling adventure was nicer than CSA's. I was a bit disappointed in CSA's. Wasn't as pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris2 View Post
    Do CN and CSA go to the same places to snorkel? ....
    Both CSA and CN go to a variety of places to snorkel.

    They now hand out a card for guests on the boat on the way back to shore, so that they can view pictures of sea life they may have just seen. On the back is a map showing the various snorkel (and dive) sites.
    On some snorkeling trips from CN we've seen the CSA boat at the same site. On others, we have not.

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    We just got back from CSA on Wednesday. CSA and CN can go to the same reef. But CN will also go to areas in Bloody Bar that CSA will not go to. The snorkeling is fairly similar otherwise. I thought the reefs looked a lot healthier than in past year (much more vibrant green coral).

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    There are three or four reefs that many of the resorts along the Negril strip use for snorkeling, and the skips tend to rotate them based on who is on the boat and which reefs they've been to during their stay. They limit the locations because the reefs are dead or dying. They still offer great opportunities for viewing ocean life to those of us who, for whatever reason, aren't divers.

    I'm sure that there are other reefs that the north end resorts get to simply because they are closer. Booby Cay seems to be the boundary, if you will, between north and south end resorts and demarcates which reefs will be used.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I wouldn't waste my time at CN if you're just going there for the day on doing their snorkel trip if you're going at CSA while staying there ..... There is not going to be much difference, if any. I think they all pretty much go to the exact same areas. We've been snorkeling probably 10 or 12 times while in Negril over the years & it's all pretty much the same no matter what resort we've been at.

    As far as your phone - CALL YOUR PROVIDER before you leave & ask them. I did before our last trip because we had never traveled with our SmartPhones before. Verizon charges $2 per minute roaming while in Jamaica & our phones auto update all the time so when it's on, it can run up some big bills when you don't even know it's doing anything. You can set it so it doesn't use the 3G or do auto updates but we didn't want to take the chance so left ours in the room safe since it wasn't a big deal to us. We just used the internet cafe to check e-mail & I called home a couple of times from the room for a $1 per minute.

    On sea urchins ..... We never take water shoes because the water is so clear in Negril but that being said, my hubby did step on a sea urchin once several years ago at a resort in Negril while taking a swim test for diving .... It was at the edge of the swim area where there was some grass in the water (not at Couples BTW). He had to go to the resort nurse who pulled the prongs (or whatever you want to call them) out .... some he couldn't get out & they had to work themselves out ...... I still wouldn't wear water shoes & neither does he. That was on of our very first trips to Jamaica & we've never had a problem since.

    As far as dolphins in Jamaica, we've never seen any but I'm sure they're probably out there. I'd ask once you get there at the tour desk & the staff.

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    Smartphones have a setting to disable data services. Set this as you board your plane. Can still use text and phone services with no data. Check with provider on rates. Can also use free wifi, which is separate from cell data services, if you want to use Facebook, email, etc on your phone.

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    Thank you everyone for your help!

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    I think they are both at the same basic places for snorkeling as these two resorts are just down the road from each other. The main thing to remember is that they have 3 different snorkeling sites at CSA and you should make sure they take you to the "Mexico" site as there are many more fish as well as a sunken cannon and anchor.

    The beach at CSA is smooth and clear. The only thing on the bottom are some scattered live starfish that you can see from the surface when out in about chest high water. No water shoes are needed.

    For the phone I would say you can set it up with your provider to use your phone in Jamaica but the cost per minute is still high. You are better off limiting your calls as much as possible and using the free wi fi to stay in touch with friends and family with emails or instant messaging. If you don't have a smart phone or portable computer there is a computer lab near the nightclub you can use.

    Mostly just unplug, relax, and have a drink. You are in Jamaica Mon.

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    Since I have children at home, I must stay in touch so I called my phone provider. They gave me the option of upgrading to international calling and data roaming for one month for what I deemed a reasonable charge that gave me a discount on calls and data during that time. When you get back, wait until the end of the billing cycle to cancel for the next month or else they will pro-rate your usage. Since you will likely use your entire month's usage during the week you are in Jamaica, you could end up with extra charges if you cancel early.

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    get that in writing from your provider. my hubby had trouble with that plan in '08 in '10 we turned off data roamin and cellular data. I can't remember if we put it on airplane mode but I think we did. We just the wifi at the resort and purchased a calling card from the dis n dat (gift shop) at CSA to call home.

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