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    Default Oh Oh Weather 14th thru 20th Ocho Rios

    I know you can't change the weather.... However, forcast map shoes rain for 4 of the days we are there!!! Those familiar with Jamaica, is rain usually a "passing occurance", as in some regions? I have visions of staring out our window at constant rain.

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    We were at CSS in January 08 and it rained 6 of the 7 days - the natives told us "it's the doctor winds - it is winter ya know" !!! Was it beautiful - of course, was the food delicious - yes, was that answer annoyingly true - indeed. We played alot of games and longed for the bright Jamaica sun... We will be @ CTI on the same days you are - hopefully it will be passing showers, but if not we'll all be hanging out in the game room. I figure winter in beautiful JA is so much nicer than winter in downtown Philly.... C u there. Peace!

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    Good attitude! It will be nicer than in the Twin Cities as well!!

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    I challenge you to check the forecast map for Jamaica and find ANY day when rain isn't in the forecast. Ocho Rios is a little more rainy than Negril, but only a little. It rained during three of the days we were there for our honeymoon in 2009, but never was a day washed out. And when it rains and you can't do the beach or water sports thing, there is always something relaxing that can be food to do. Couples is just that way.
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